Pahrump, Nevada
— After years of absence, desert racing returned to Pahrump for BITD’s final race of the 2016 season. The short distance made the Pahrump Nugget 250 a full on sprint. Qualifying position was crucial.

Weddle Industries is proud to support off-road racing in 2016. We are excited to offer contingency support to racers for the following series: SCORE Off-Road Racing Series, Best in the Desert Off-Road Racing Series, MORE Desert Racing Series, SNORE Desert Racing Series, Texas Desert Racing Association Series, MORR Sportsman Off-Road Racing Series and Tejas Off-Road Racing Series.

Ensenada, Mexico — Silt made this year’s SCORE Baja 1000 one of the toughest to date, but Jon Walker and Albins earned the win in Class 1 regardless of the tough race. Regardless of how much planning is done prior to race, once the green flag drops anything can happen. This year’s brutal 800+ mile loop between start and finish in Ensenada proved just that. In addition to silt, high-speed desert crossings, technical rocky mountain trails, washes, ditches, drop-offs, fog and dust reinforced the Baja 1000’s reputation as the ultimate test for all drivers and vehicles who dare enter. Of the 239 starting vehicles, less than half would complete the race.

The Dakar Rally is truly an international spectacle. Drivers, riders, cars, quads, trucks, bikes and their race teams converge on Buenos Aires from around the globe after year-around preparation. This year, the 36th running of the The Dakar Rally began on January 4th. The 13 stage course ran through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, covering a total distance of 9000 km. The Dakar Rally could possibly be the most grueling and dangerous two weeks of any competitors life.

Weddle-Transaxles-4-21-14Over the past decades, Weddle Industries has worked closely with Mendeola on their popular transaxles. Recently, we were very happy to announce that Weddle Industries secured the rights to become the exclusive producer of Mendeola MD transaxles.

We are now excited to announce that Weddle Industries will be the exclusive producer of Mendeola S4, S5, S4D, S5D and LQ6 transaxles. Weddle Industries has acquired all tooling, drawings and designs necessary to produce these transaxles. All kits and components will ship directly from Weddle’s facility in Goleta, California.

Weddle-Type-2-VW-Transaxle-1-2-14Maximize traction with Weddle Industries new VW Type 2 transaxle. In a standard “open” differential, torque is divided equally between the wheels. If one wheel slips and spins, only a fraction of the total torque is utilized. The Mini Locker eliminates this problem by delivering power to the wheel with the most traction. This will help you keep moving instead of getting stuck.

How it works. The Type 2 Mini Locker consists of two bi-directional over-running dog clutches. Each clutch has a driving member (the driver) and a driven member (the existing sidegear). Both clutches are rotated by the differential cross shafts to form a fully locking combination when engine torque is applied. The Mini Locker provides differential action when cornering by allowing the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. Because the outside wheel is “ground driven” faster than the inside wheel, the dog clutch disengages, allowing the outside wheel to rotate freely; power continues to be applied to the slower (inside) wheel. In low traction situations, the Mini Locker will always deliver power to the wheel with the most grip, with up to 100% of the engine’s torque available to either wheel.

Weddle-Clutch-7-3-13Superior driveability and exceptional holding power is on tap with a new clutch from Weddle and Centerforce, who have teamed up to introduce a 9” twin disc, high-performance off-road clutch. The patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system and ball bearing pressure plate pivots give these clutches holding power and driveability superior to any off-road clutch available before. Centerforce’s patented DYAD DS design features a spring dampened disc hub, a positive drive floater plate and a centrifugal assisted diaphragm spring that can handle torque levels up to 700 ft /lbs and deliver a smooth engagement with reasonable pedal effort.

Nodular iron pressure plate and an innovative drive post design provide exceptional performance and maximum life. Twin button style discs with proprietary cerametallic friction lining ride on a sprung drive hub to reduce driveline shock and vibration.

OAKLAND, CA – Shaffer-Motorsports car #401 won the San Felipe 250 in Class 4 last weekend in Baja, Mexico.  After a long week of prerunning and a 24 hour turn around to the US for a rebuilt transaxle, the team made the mad dash to the finish line with only 12 minutes separating them from second.  “It was quite a race.  From being down at the half way point, then making a great pass at RM194 for the lead, then watching Daniel put some time on them, we just focused on keeping the sprint up,” said Mike Shaffer, driver of record and owner of Shaffer’s Offroad.

The race didn’t come without consequences, as with most desert races.  They wound up with three flat tires and four wheels that need some serious attention.  But the tolls of the course didn’t stop the drivers Mike Shaffer, Shawn Twitchell and Daniel Aeberli from pushing the Transfer Case Express car to its max and finishing.  “All of the drivers and co-drivers are working really well together and you can see the difference at each race as they meld together,” said Shaffer.

Prerunning may have been more of an endurance experience than the race itself.  During the shock tuning session on Thursday the transaxle gave way.  Ron Weddle, from Weddle Industries, invited them to the shop in Southern California to get it fixed.  “He showed up at 2:45am in the morning when the guys got there to work and had them back on the road to Baja by 7:30am,” said Shaffer.  Within 24 hours the Shaffer-Motorsports crew had diagnosed and fixed the problem, and had the car through tech and ready for the green flag Friday morning!

Read more of the Transfer Case Express driver reports on the Shaffer-Motorsports website:

The next race for the Red, White and Black Transfer Case Express car will be the Baja 500 June 1, 2012.