Dragonfire-mirrors-off-road-8-22-13Mesa, AZ — Chevy fans all know the “SS” badge signifies superior performance. Starting with the 1961 Impala, the “Super Sport” designation indicated you were getting something special. A legendary series of Camaros, Chevelles, El Caminos, Monte Carlos and Novas were graced with the iconic SS over the years. Now DragonFire is introducing its own version of something special: SuperSport Side View Mirrors.

Taking inspiration from DragonFire’s off-road racing heritage, these mirrors are built to take a beating. Constructed of CNC-machined billet aluminum, they combine lightweight with strength and durability. Utilizing heavy duty two-bolt cage clamps and a one-piece mirror housing that further decreases the risk of damage should these mirrors come into contact with brush out on the trail. A pliable rubber gasket prevents the glass from popping out should you accidentally tap something on the trail.