On April 21, 2011, BFGoodrich Tires invited members of the off-road community to cast their votes for one of four BFGoodrich Tires’ pre-selected Outstanding Trails and clubs. Since the launch of the 2011 Outstanding Trails vote, BFGoodrich Tires encountered an issue with the voting site when “voting bots,” programs designed to cast multiple votes in milliseconds, infiltrated the site and caused an unfair voting situation.

In an effort to make the vote fair and beneficial for all four clubs, BFGoodrich Tires will eliminate all votes submitted on the voting site prior to April 26, 2011. The site will continue to offer consumers the option of voting once a day per IP address. BFGoodrich Tires has also made a contribution of $500 to each club for use at their trail.

To ensure that the clubs get as many votes as possible, BFGoodrich will extend the voting period an additional two weeks. The new voting deadline will be 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on Thursday, June 30, 2011. The Outstanding Trail that garners the most votes will be announced on Wednesday, July 6, 2011, at www.BFGoodrichTires.com.

CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA – Exclusive photos and videos, automotive news, tire tips and prize giveaways. Fans will find all this and more on the new Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Toyo Tires’ Facebook page also include videos and downloadable wallpaper featuring the Toyo models, championship-winning race driver Robby Gordon; and UFC Lightweight fighter, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.

“These are exciting opportunities to strengthen our existing relationships and build new ones,” said Marty Furman, chief operating officer, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.  “We encourage our fans and dealers to join the Toyo Tires online community through shared conversations, shared videos and photos as well as exciting promotions.”

In fact, the company plans to announce a Twitter promotion with great prizes in the next few days.

Fans can “Like” Toyo Tire U.S.A. on Facebook at www.facebook.com/toyotires and follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/toyotires.

STI Tire & Wheel has now released its new tire the Black Diamond. This super-versatile new ATV/UTV tire is designed to deliver crossover performance—an ideal choice for all terrain types and all seasons—at a value price.

The Black Diamond’s innovative “V” tread pattern bridges the gap between soft mud/snow/sand and hardpack surface capabilities. Its unique over-center tread elements provide a smooth, controlled ride on hardpack, while offering excellent traction and clean-out in soft conditions. The Black Diamond’s 6-ply radial carcass was developed specifically to provide the stability needed for side-by-side UTV applications, while retaining the plush ride characteristics favored by ATV riders. An extended-wear tread compound retains biting edges longer and greatly increases tire life.

The Black Diamond is now available in two models and more than 30 sizes. The Black Diamond ATR features a ¾-inch tread lug, while the Black Diamond XTR utilizes a more aggressive 1 1/8-inch lug depth.

The ATR model’s sizes are: 22x11R-9, 25x12R-9, 22x11R-10, 22x8R-10, 23x10R-10, 23x8R-10, 24x11R-10, 25x11R-10, 23x8R-11, 24x10R-11, 24x8R-11, 24x9R-11, 25x10R-11, 25x8R-11, 23x10R-12, 23x8R-12, 24x8R-12, 25x8R-12, and 25x10R-12.

The XTR model’s sizes are 25x8R-12, 25x10R-12, 26x10R-12, 26x12R-12, 27x9R-12, 27x11R-12, 26x9R-14, 26x11R-14, 27x9R-14, 27x11R-14, 26x9R-15 and 26x11R-15 (26x9R-12 and 26x11R-12 sizes are coming soon).

STI Black Diamond tires are available at finer ATV/UTV dealers everywhere, through MTA Distributing. For more information, to place an order or to locate an STI dealer, visit www.mtadistributing.com or call: East (318) 255-0049; West (951) 272-0971.

AD Boivin manufacturers some interesting conversion kits for dirt bikes. We came across a video for the Explorer kit, which essentially replaces the tires with a ski up front and snowmobile-like tracks in back to make them snow-ready (or the tracks can be installed in back while retaining the front wheel to ride on sand).

AD Boivin says the kits are available for a number of dirt bikes (the site says 250F models and up). AD Boivin also offers snowmobile conversions and suspension kits, offering the Snow Hawk conversion for snowmobiles that replaces front skis with one main ski.