– Mr. Gasket, a performance automotive manufacturing company celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, today announced a new line of flat black dress up kits and engine accessories to transform the look of Chevy Small Block engines, 1958 – 1985.

San Luis Obispo, CA – The Canidae Racing Team, in their newly redesigned 2011 Trophy Truck, was able to turn in a hard-fought finish in the 2011 Parker 425 Best in the Desert race in Arizona this past weekend.

The race began Saturday with a total of three 142-mile laps across the treacherous Arizona desert. More than 30 teams competed in the elite Trick Truck (aka Trophy Truck) class, with only a portion of those teams making it across the finish line.

While the team’s newly installed 800 HP 454 CI Dougan small block Chevy performed flawlessly, the truck flew into a canyon and sustained some damage. After having been pulled out by the generous crew of the TSCO truck, team Canidae went to work and got the Trophy Truck back to racing condition in record time and was able to complete the race.