SCORE-Logo-12-20-11SAN DIEGO — As a prelude to its first week of 2014 live race coverage, Tuesday’s Dirt LiveHD internet show will feature representative from two prominent manufacturers, Stand 21 and CryoHeat.

During the eigth episode of the 2014 SCORE Dirt LiveHD internet show season at 7 p.m. (PST) in the SCORE spotlight will be France’s Yves Morizot of Stand 21 and USA’s Josh Lahaye of Cryo Heat.

SCORE-Logo-12-20-11SAN DIEGO — Giving the legions of fans an even longer look at some of the greatest races in SCORE desert racing history, the historical vault has been opened wide for this week’s SCORE Throwback Thursday, one of Roger Norman’s new Internet creations, the presentation of another memorable race this week. Norman’s latest program showcases classic SCORE race footage primarily produced as television shows.

Starting tonight and running until Saturday morning prior to the start of the Dirt LiveHD live streaming from SCOREville at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo, airing at is several SCORE Baja races, SCORE Laughlin races, SCORE Primm races and the SCORE Fireworks races from the late 1990s.

The footage and shows were produced by legendary videographer/producer Don Shoemaker with the original one-hour broadcasts airing on several networks during that era of SCORE desert racing.