RENO, NV – Roger Norman decided to compete in another discipline of racing this year: Rock Crawling.  In his rookie appearance at the W.E. Rock West Tucson, AZ event he challenged himself and finished on the podium in his Torchmate Racing Pro Mod #8 rock crawler.  “Rock crawling is tougher than it looks,” exclaimed successful Trophy Truck racer Roger Norman. “There is actually a ton of strategy and teamwork involved.”

The whole experience was different than anything Norman had participated in before.  The spotter was outside the car giving directions via Bluetooth headsets.  There are many controls not found in a trophy truck including a transfer case for controlling front wheel and rear wheel drive, front and rear air lockers and  cutting brakes.  The front and rear winches are not for pulling you out of a bad situation, but rather connected to axle housings used for sucking in the suspension to account for different angles.  The BFGoodrich Krawlers had amazing traction, strength and stability on the man made course.

Competitors complete four courses on Saturday and four on Sunday, and then enter a shootout on Sunday afternoon that can change the entire outcome of the event.  With each course timed, Norman only completed one of the four courses on Saturday.  Come Sunday, he successfully turned that ratio around to completing three out of the four courses, with one tied for the best score of the day.

RENO, NV  – Roger Norman is gunning to repeat the success from last years Mint 400.  The Norman Motorsports #8 Crystal Bay Casino truck qualified and finished first last year putting Roger Norman on the podium with an amazing finish. “Winning overall coupled with taking the pole position in qualifying makes this an epic event for us,” said Norman after last years finish.

Roger Norman spent Saturday assisting other racers and the SNORE team mark course for the race.  “We placed down arrows, turn arrows, all of them, ensuring that it is ready for this weekends race,” said Norman.  “The track seems a little rougher but we are still going to use the same strategy that we did last year: No mistakes or issues, and we will be keeping a close eye on where we are in the race.”  Eric Branstrom, who co-drove with Norman for last years win, will co-drive again this year.

The #8 Trophy Truck has been at Norman Motorsports shop in El Cajon, CA getting a new mounting system for the shock reservoirs.  “We have also been working on upgrading the drivetrain.  We just continue to add quality reinforcements after reinforcement to all the components in the truck as the courses get rougher and rougher,” said Norman.

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Qualifying for starting position will be on Thursday March 24th at 1:30.  Norman will be available at Tech and Contingency on Friday.  The Mint 400 Race will start at 7am Saturday March 26th.  Norman Motorsports Communication Team will have live commentary on the Norman Motorsports Channel: (Register now to know every time the channel goes Live)

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March 25-27                        SNORE                                  Mint 400                                               Las Vegas, NV

April 1-3                                W.E. Rock                             West Rock Crawling                           Tucson, AZ

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RENO, NV  – Roger Norman, in the Norman Motorsports Crystal Bay Casino Trophy Truck, will start 3rd on Saturday March 12th at the 25th Annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 Desert Race.  “Starting 3rd is great.  With SCORE it’s the luck of the draw when it comes to starting positions.  It is the second best starting position I have ever had, usually we are starting 5th or farther back,” commented Roger Norman.  The race will start on Saturday morning at 10am.  Norman Motorsports Communication Team will have live commentary on the Norman Motorsports Channel: (Register now to know every time the channel goes Live)

“This is going to be a very difficult race to get the truck to the finish line, it is by far the roughest 250 miles of Baja I have experienced to date,” said Norman after pre-running for 4 days.  The course is a 252 mile loop west of San Felipe running through three major washes including Matomi, Huatomote and Chanate with silt, jagged rocks, narrow passes between walls of rock and deep whoops.  “The whoops seem to be bigger and steeper than normal, it is a constant pounding, it seems like you never get a break.”

The Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck is ready to take the green flag.  The biggest improvement to the truck is adding a new communications intercom system that they will test for the first time in hopes of finding the best solution for clear communication in the truck and to the remote pits.  The truck did get a completely new cooling system and new modified hood to allow for additional cooling opportunities.

Roger Norman and co-driver Lance Clifford have been in San Felipe pre-running for the last week and have had nothing but problems with their pre-runner.  “This is the most challenges that I have had during a pre-run or a race!  We have had shock problems, steering problems, chased electrical issues and that is the short list!” commented Norman as he was headed back to the border to continue testing after being in the US for 6 hours.

The SCORE San Felipe 250 Tech and Contingency will be on Friday March 11th.  The 252 mile race will start on Saturday March 12th at 10am.  Norman will take the green flag at 10:01, being the third off the line at 30second intervals.  Register for Norman Motorsports Justin TV Channel to know every time Roger Norman goes Live:

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Roger Norman’s Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck finished in third overall at the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in the Trophy Truck class. After teaming up with long-time Baja racer Larry Roesler in recent years (and Roeseler was offered a great deal to team up with the Herbst team again), Norman decided he would tackle this race alone.

The team released a  half-hour documentary chronicling the preparation and the action during the race.

“Completing the Baja 1000 is always an amazing experience,” Norman said. “We are very proud to be able to share our story with everyone.” The team of Norman and co-driver Lance Clifford completed the 1061 miles in 19:56:27, a very impressive time averaging 53.24 mph.

Gustavo Vildosola Jr. & Sr., Rodrigo AmpudiaIn the first half of the race, it was the father-and-son team of Gustavo Vildosola Jr. and Sr. that led the field for the overall four-wheel racing in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The team, which also features Rodrigo Ampudia as the third driver, is trying to make history by being the first Mexican nationals to capture the overall title in the 1000 – something that has never been done in the 42-year history of the event.