Newry, ME – The Rockstar Energy Drink Rally Team of Antoine L’Estage from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and co-driver Nathalie Richard from Halifax, Nova Scotia won their third consecutive New England Forest Rally (NEFR). The team won the first six stages and took a commanding lead. As their rivals dealt with thickening dust that obstructed their views L’Estage contended with poor grip being the first on the road, sweeping away the gravel before the others had a chance to race the stage.

“It went really well,” said L’Estage, “Friday is where we made our time and then tried to keep our nose clean and not make any mistakes. For us it’s a great win and another great season.”

L’Estage and Richard are on a string of success having recently won the last two Rally America national events and all the Canadian Rally Championship events this year.

Says Co-driver Nathalie Richard, “Since May we’ve had a fantastic season. Too bad we had problems at the beginning of the Rally America season. Congrats to Higgins and Drew. Looking forward to 2013!”

Despite high winds and warm temperatures, fans turned out in record numbers to watch the latest rounds of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend.  Located just outside of Salt Lake City in Tooele, Utah, Miller Motorsports Park is a state of the art facility with paved pits, a kart track, an auto museum, and several other amenities not seen at any other facility that LOORRS visits.  Just beyond the edge of the 1 mile short course track, the first pit belonged to Rob MacCachren and his ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Makita Tools / BFGoodrich Tires / TRAXXAS team.  A constant stream of fans surrounded the pits to enjoy a cool ROCKSTAR Energy Drink, get an autograph from Rob Mac, or just get a look at his fire breathing Pro2 Unlimited truck.  Want to see more of this state of the art truck by Jim Blackmore and Dave Farruggia?  Pick up the latest issue of Dirt Sports magazine, where the ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / M akita Tools / BFGoodrich Tires / TRAXXAS Pro2 is featured as their Masterpiece in Metal.

Rob Mac qualified third for Saturday’s Round 7 of racing, which put him on the outside of the first row after the inversion of the top four qualifiers.  The ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Makita Tools / BFGoodrich Tires / TRAXXAS team made changes to the gearing in the Rancho Drivetrain Engineering transmission and Motive Gears in the rear end.  They also grooved the BFGoodrich tires specifically for the track conditions, which varied from slick after the track was watered down to bone dry as the wind sapped away any moisture.  When the driver next to Rob lost control on the first corner Rob spun to avoid him instead of causing a collision and as a result watched all fourteen competitors pass him by.  While the track at Miller Motorsports Park is notoriously tough for passing, Rob Mac was not deterred.  He harnessed all 800 horsepower from the Patton Racing Engine as air rushed through the K&N filter and started after the pack.

Corona, CA – (June 8, 2012) The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro 2 class will do battle for the first time at the newly constructed, state-of-the-art Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. Catch all the racing coverage on CBS, June 10th at 2:00pm ET. Included in the coverage is a unique “behind the scenes” segment shot from the perspective of the competitors, capturing the top driver’s candid commentary on their controversial rivalries, strategies and mindsets.

The Pro 2 teams arrive at this third stop of the series ready to take on one of the most challenging, state-of-the-art short tracks in the history of four-wheeled off road racing. The Rockstar Energy Drink Southern California Shootout presented by E3 Spark Plugs, pits the top drivers against both their fellow racers and the highly technical track. Obstacles such as the “Matterhorn”, an enormous tabletop jump that will launch the drivers side-by-side 120 feet through the air and the 100+ mph straightaway are just two of the hazards they will have to negotiate every lap.

During the last visit that the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) made to Speedworld Off Road Park, Rob MacCachren led the Pro2 Unlimited field flag to flag, leaving the competition in the dust.  In this weekend’s return to Surprise, Arizona for Rounds 5 and 6 of LOORRS racing, Rob Mac had to fight a lot harder to put ROCKSTAR Energy Drink and Makita Power Tools on the top of the podium.  MacCachren qualified first for Round 5, but a two row inversion meant that he wouldn’t be leading flag to flag this time around.

Rob Mac fans wondered if the track conditions would be conducive to passing or if the No. 21 ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Makita Power Tools / BFGoodrich Tires truck would be stuck in the middle of the pack in a dull race.  Instead the faithful fans were treated to what many are calling the best race of the year; not only in LOORRS premier Pro2 Unlimited class but in all of short course racing.  MacCachren was engaged in an all-out war with Carl Renezeder, Jeremy McGrath, Greg Adler, and Robert Naughton all battling for the lead.  Rob’s position on the track varied from fifth to second with passing at every corner, and at the mandatory caution he was sitting in third place on the track.  The pace was so frenzied at one point that McGrath actually landed on Renezeder’s roof!  While everyone made a valiant effor t there can be only one winner, and on this day it was Rob MacCachren.  MacCachren took the lead with four laps remaining and never looked back.  He also set the fast lap on Saturday as well, hitting speeds over 70 mph when the BFGoodrich tires put down all 800 horsepower from the Patton Race Engines.

There was standing room only at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park last weekend as people from all over Southern California poured in to watch the stars of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) battle on the all new short course track.  The newly constructed track was well-received by fans and racers alike with features such as a high elevation change, table-tops, tight hair pin turns and an infield mogul section. Unfortunately practice was canceled on Saturday, which meant that fan favorite Rob MacCachren and his talented crew were not able to dial in the ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Makita Power Tools / BFGoodrich Tires truck for the track and conditions.

The combination of a new truck and a new track meant that the team didn’t have much to go on when setting up the truck, and when the green flag dropped on Saturday it was immediately obvious they didn’t have the winning recipe.  Rob Mac’s natural talent is unmatched, but it can only take him so far when he is outgunned.  MacCachren still managed a sixth place finish among 18 competitors in the marquee Pro2 Unlimited class and kept the truck clean for Sunday’s race.  The team broke out the Makita Power Tools and worked well into night making minor tweaks to gain a leg up on the competition.  With an all new track and limited practice time, the playing field was leveled out and it was anyone’s guess what combination and set-up would w ork.  It was decided that dramatic changes to the valving of the Fox Shox and a different ratio set-up to the Motive Gear ring and pinion was necessary to be competitive in Sunday’s race.

Luck may have allowed Rob MacCachren the top starting position for this past weekend’s 26th annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, but it was Rob’s impressive driving skills and the ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / BFGoodrich Tires / MasterCraft Safety team that put him at the finish line first.  Any advantage that MacCachren was hoping to capitalize on by starting out front was taken away by Race Mile 4 when a spectator constructed booby trap resulted in a flat tire that let six competitors pass while MacCachren’s co-driver, Cisco Bio, was performing the tire swap.  So much for clean air! It took 50 miles for the patient veteran to regain five of those positions in his No. 20 Jimco-built Trophy Truck campaigned under the MasterCraft Racing banner with the support of Rockstar Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires and Fox Racing Shox.

“By the time I saw the booby trap I knew it was unavoidable and I just hit it causing the left front to go flat,” remarked MacCachren after the race. “The first 20 or so miles of San Felipe are just brutal on the truck’s suspension, I knew I had to push harder than normal earlier in the race to make up for the downtime during the flat. I couldn’t have done that through the whoops if it wasn’t for the Fox Racing Shox Cactus Coolers.  We tried out the coolers last year here in September and they worked great.  I wish I could say they are my secret weapon, but unfortunately for me anyone can buy them these days!”

Held along the Sea of Cortez in picturesque Baja California, Mexico, the 2012 MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 was the third of SCORE International’s five race desert series. The course traversed 248 miles of sandy washes, deep silt beds, and incredibly rough rocky terrain that caused the steering on the No. 20 truck to lock up around RM100, but Rob and Cisco kept their cool and were able to recover with minimal downtime.  At that time only one truck, driven by 2011 Baja 1000 winner Andy McMillin, was in front of Rob Mac.  At RM 178 MacCachren took the physical lead back and held it all the way to the finish line, where he beat the next fastest vehicle by over four minutes for a time of 4:25:03 and an average speed of 56.29 miles per hour, besting even the top two-wheeled finisher.

“I guess that good things come in threes,” MacCachren joked after the race, referring to his third straight victory in San Felipe.  Last season he won the MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in 4:17:45 and the SCORE San Felipe Challenge of Champions in 4:12:21.  The veteran off-road racer has also previously won three Borg Warner Cup short course races in a row and three straight short course championships from 2008 to 2010, and now three straight desert races in San Felipe.  MacCachren earned his 48th career SCORE class win, his 11th career SCORE Trophy Truck race win along with his eighth class win including fourth SCORE Trophy Truck and overall race victory in the MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Feli pe 250. MacCachren is now tied with Las Vegas brothers Ed and Tim Herbst with the most race wins in the 18-plus year history of SCORE’s premier class.

MacCachren’s MasterCraft Racing teammate Robbie Pierce finished tenth out of 23 Trophy Trucks in SCORE International’s premier class and 14th overall.  Pierce started 15th off the line and was running strong until his No. 30 Impact by MasterCraft Safety Jimco Trophy Truck lost the rear brakes, costing the team 20 minutes in the main pit at RM 124.  After resolving the brake situation Pierce had to weave his way through race traffic for the second half of the race, but he still had a few issues.  “We saw Andy McMillin in Azufre Wash and waved as we went by, but the off-road gods must not have thought it was very funny… both rear tires got flats in the next mile!” Pierce jokingly recounted at the finish line.

MacCachren is now first in season points heading into the Tecate SCORE International Baja 500 on June 1-3 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. For more information regarding this and other SCORE events visit MacCachren also starts the short course season this month with the first Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) event at Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix on March 31st and April 1st and the TRAXXAS The Off Road Championship (TORC) series on April 20th and 21st at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Be sure to follow all of the team’s latest developments throughout the 2012 racing season in the desert and short course via social media by “liking” Rob MacCachren at and sending a friend request to Robbie Pierce at For the latest is cutting edge safety products follow Impact and MasterCraft Safety on their Facebook pages at and

Corona, CA – It Lucas Oil Off Road Series Logois with great pleasure that the Lucas Off Road Racing Series celebrates the return of key sponsor, Rockstar Energy Drink. When the green flag drops at the season opening Off Road Series race on March 31, it will mark the third consecutive year that Rockstar Energy Drink, the official Energy Drink and Consumable Product of the Lucas Off Road Race Series has returned to support the racing that they have been instrumental in evolving into the fastest growing motorsport in the U.S.

Mike Kelso, Rockstar Energy Drink’s Marketing Manager, illustrated their passion for the Off Road Series, ” Three years ago, Lucas had a vision for the sport of Off Road short course and they reached out to share it with Rockstar. Lucas is ahead of schedule in reaching our collective goals on our anticipated timeline.” He further added, “The series has gained traction and moved forward a tremendous amount in such a short time frame. Rockstar Energy Drink is very excited where the sport of short course racing is today, how our brand has played a part and we are very confident in what the future holds.”

Also returning for 2012 will be the signature Rockstar on-site marketing assets such as the fan-friendly product sampling area, the highly popular Rockstar models who officially signal the start of each race and interact directly with the fans, abundant traditional trackside presence along with inflatable infield signage.

With 190 career victories and 20 series championships, Rob MacCachren has demonstrated that you cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do, but instead what you have already done.  Given MacCachren’s impressive resume of successes and extensive collection of trophies, it would be difficult for anyone to imagine that he has anything left to prove – except maybe to himself.  Adding another trophy and victory to his collection during the second round of SCORE International racing this past weekend, Rob MacCachren once again proved to himself and others he is a force to be reckoned with.

This past weekend’s season opener of the 2012 SCORE International desert racing series held in Laughlin, Nevada hosted a field of 22 elite unlimited class trucks all vying for the top spot in two separate rounds of racing.  For the first time in the 18 year history of the Laughlin Desert Challenge the two day event was scored as two separate races, firmly setting the stage for the SCORE Trophy Truck points battle heading into the MasterCraft Safety San Felipe 250 race in March.

Finishing the 2011 SCORE International season second in points in the premier SCORE Trophy Truck class, Rob MacCachren had set the bar high the previous year and arrived in Laughlin with his sights set on improving his 2011 showing in his No. 20 Rockstar Energy Drink / BFGoodrich Tires Jimco-built Trophy Truck.   Putting down the second fastest qualifying time with an average speed of 57.25mph on the 6.25-mile course, MacCachren started behind fellow Las Vegas competitor B.J. Baldwin for Saturday’s event.  By the fifth lap, Rob was leading the race by ten seconds on corrected time when a rare misstep into a berm threw the tire from the bead necessitating a tire change with just three laps remaining in SCORE’s first round of racing in the 2012 season.  “I knew I had to go out there and put the truck out front so I had a good starting position on Sunday ,” remarked MacCachren. “Fortunately, we were able to pull off a ninth place finish even with the tire change and that still gives a great shot at staying up front in points.”

Not one to let Saturday’s finish discourage him from dominating the following day, Rob lined up mid-pack on Sunday for the second round of SCORE International desert racing and quickly turned up the heat on the competition.  Averaging 55.28mph MacCachren methodically picked off the field of 21 remaining starters for Sunday’s race and earned himself his tenth SCORE Trophy Truck career win.  “Everything just came together today with the Jimco truck and the team.  I couldn’t be happier with my crew and partners like MasterCraft Racing and Rockstar Energy Drink that helped me get this win today.  The Fox Racing Shox and BFGoodrich Tires did their job on the rough course and the truck was working great,” said Rob Mac after the race.  Claiming the overall victory with an elapsed time of 54 minutes and 16 seconds, MacCachren finished an asto nishing 1 minute and 12 seconds ahead of the second place finisher and accumulated his 190th career victory in off-road racing.

Currently sitting second in points in the 2012 SCORE Trophy Truck class, Rob MacCachren heads to the MasterCraft Safety San Felipe 250 race looking to defend his previous year’s overall win at this event.  In addition to claiming the victory at last year’s 25th Anniversary of the San Felipe 250 in March, MacCachren followed up his domination just six months later and bested his previous overall time on the same racecourse by more than five minutes and beat out the second overall competitor by more than nine minutes.  Claiming three of his ten career SCORE Trophy Truck victories in just the last ten months under the MasterCraft Racing banner, Rob Mac is looking to build upon his recent successes and has his sights firmly set on the SCORE Trophy Truck championship as the season heads into it’s third race of the year in March.

Round three of the SCORE International desert racing series continues with the 26th annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 race on March 9 – 11, 2012 in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.  For more information regarding this and other SCORE events visit:

Be sure to follow all of the team’s latest developments throughout the 2012 SCORE racing season via social media by “liking” Rob MacCachren at:

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The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) season came to a close last weekend at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, Arizona.  The grandstands were packed as fans watched Kyle LeDuc dominate the Pro4 Unlimited field in his No. 99 Rockstar Energy Drink / Makita Tools F-150.  Kyle had qualified first and ran away from the competition early and never looked back, setting the fast lap in the process.  Meanwhile, Kyle’s brother Todd was battling with rally driver Liam Doran for fourth place for much of the race, with both trucks shedding their body panels in the process.  Todd won the battle with Doran and finished just off the podium.  Todd finished third in season points in the No. 4 Rockstar Energy Drink / Makita Tools Ford and took home Rookie of the Year honors for the class in the pr ocess.  Kyle LeDuc finished just in front of his brother for second place this season, while his six Pro4 Unlimited victories were more than any other driver in 2011.  Father Curt LeDuc battled the flu in addition to his competitors, finishing seventh on Saturday in his No. 43 Makita Tools / TRUXXX Lift and Level Ford and eighth for the season out of 18 drivers in Pro4 Unlimited.

Last year Kyle LeDuc cleaned up at the end of the 2010 LOORRS season, winning both the Super Lite and Pro2 Unlimited versus Pro4 Unlimited cup races to take home over $40,000.  This year Kyle was hoping to take home the $15,000 prize in the Pro Lite Unlimited versus Pro Buggy cup race.  Kyle qualified second in Pro Lite Unlimited on Friday and set the fast lap on Saturday on his way to a second place finish for the final round of regular season racing, so it was clear that he had the speed necessary to win to the cup.  Kyle passed all of the competition in his No. 99 ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Toyo Tires Pro Lite and had gapped the field by the mandatory caution, but after 28 vehicles were bunched up, hard contact from behind damaged Kyle’s suspension, causing him to roll on Lap 18 and ending his day in Pro Lite Unlimited.

In the Pro2 Unlimited versus Pro4 Unlimited main event, Kyle was once again to repeat his win from last year and bring home another $30,000, but 24 other racers had plans of their own- including Kyle’s own brother and father.  Curt LeDuc started on the first row of the Pro4 Unlimited class, but the entire Pro4 field still had to make up half a lap on the Pro2 competitors in front of them.  Kyle LeDuc started all the way at the back but was passing competitors at will, seemingly picking off another truck as he accelerated out of each corner.  By Lap 8 Kyle had passed all of the competition and was on his way to yet another victory, but fate had other plans and the right rear tire came flying off of Kyle’s truck, taking his chances for victory with it.  Meanwhile Todd LeDuc worked his way up to second place and dove under Robby Woods in Turn 3, but when Woods rolled Todd received a  black flag penalty and was forced to move to the back of the pack.  In an effort to make up ground with time running out, Todd rolled in Turn 4, putting him on the infield as a spectator next to his brother.  Curt LeDuc stayed out of the carnage and managed to finish the race in eighth place overall and second amongst the Pro4 Unlimiteds.

Check your check your local listings for insane LOORRS and Lucas Oil Challenge Cup action on CBS, the Speed Channel , Versus, and MavTV.  Next season brings changes for the LeDuc clan, but regardless of what happens in the off season all three ‘Duc boys will be back on the track for more LOORRS racing in 2012.  You can get the latest information on Team LeDuc on their Facebook page at:

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Rob MacCachren came to Firebird International Raceway for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) season finale looking to add a sixth win in the 15 round series.  He qualified third on Friday, putting him on the second row for Saturday’s last points race of the season. Rob Mac was out front in the ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / BFGoodrich Tires / MasterCraft Safety truck and set the fast lap for the race.  He was well on his way to yet another victory when Brian Deegan dove under MacCachren in Turn 3 late in the race and put Rob on his roof.  Deegan was black flagged for his actions and moved to the back of the pack, but the damage had been done and Rob limped around the track to finish mid-pack.  Rob Mac’s five victories in Pro2 Unlimited are more than any other competitor, but incidents like Saturday’s resulted in some uneven finishes this season that caused MacCachren to finish second in points.

MacCachren’s veteran crew worked past midnight on Saturday to prepare his truck for the $30,000 Lucas Oil Challenge Cup race on Sunday afternoon.  MacCachren started on the fifth row next to Brian Deegan in the cup race that pitted Pro2 Unlimited and Pro4 Unlimited trucks against each other for a 25 truck battle royal.  Rob has significant cup experience with three Borg Warner Cup titles to his credit, so he patiently stayed out of the fracas while trucks flipped and disintegrated around him.  Late in the race he was looking to strike when hard contact from Jeff Geiser put Rob Mac’s truck into limp mode.  He coaxed the injured steed around the track to finish out of the money in seventh place.

The off-season for Rob MacCachren is short as he prepares for the SCORE International season opener in Laughlin, Nevada on January 15th, where he will drive the No. 20 ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / MasterCraft Safety / BFGoodrich Tires Jimco Trophy Truck.  Rob will also be back for the full 2012 LOORRS season, where he has a score to settle with some of his Pro2 Unlimited competitors.   For the latest Rob MacCachren updates follow him on Facebook at