broken strapSomeone knew this was a bad idea so fortunately, they decided to film it.

Jeep Recovery
When traveling in the desert, those blasted holes seem to just pop up out of nowhere. Fortunately this Jeep Wrangler JK wasn’t alone, and someone in the group was prepared with a tow strap. Not every recovery mission goes smoothly, but this Jeep Wrangler recover was a success.

Jeep Wrangler Water
We’ve seen more than a few videos of people out and about in the days after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the southeaster United States.  It seems that many folks used the excess amount of water and flooding as an excuse to take their off-road truck or Jeep places that they otherwise wouldn’t have been allowed. This guy’s plan backfired and he wound up stuck in his Jeep Wrangler. Check out how it unfolds below.

Off-roading is good fun, but it’s no joke — you can get very stuck, very lost or very hurt, and you may be hours away from help.