PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the second member of the induction class of 2012. Pioneering female motocross racer Sue Fish, the 1976 and 1977 Women’s National Motocross Champion, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the 2012 AMA Legends Weekend at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nev., Nov. 16-17.

“Sue Fish stands tall among all competitors for making a difference in motorcycling as an early pioneer in motocross, and her induction to our AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame will share with the world what we all know — that her career has inspired so many woman to join us in our joy for riding and racing motorcycles,” said Tom White, a member of the board of directors of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, which raises funds for the Hall of Fame. “Congratulations, Sue, and thank you!”

In addition to dominating the female ranks, Fish, who currently lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., was one of the first women motocross racers to hold a professional racing license from the AMA and compete regularly against men. Known by the nickname, “The Flying Fish,” she raced in the AMA 125cc National Motocross Championship. Fish’s talents extended beyond motocross when she competed in the 1978 Subaru International Motorcycle Olympiad, a two-day event encompassing all types off off-road racing. Fish also competed on asphalt, racing in the men’s expert ranks in 600cc roadracing classes.

Fish put her talents to work on the big screen as well, working as a Hollywood stuntwoman. Her credits include “Terminator” and “Footloose.” She also traveled as part of Evel Knievel’s stunt show in Australia.