R-D-Land-Speed-Trophy-Truck-12-10-13On October 22nd, R&D Motorsports embarked on a journey from their home in Cypress Mill, Texas to a barren dry lakebed outside of Mexicali, Baja California known as Laguna Salada.  The endeavor was merely for one purpose – to go fast, really fast.  Jay Reichert sought to take the fastest official land speed recorded in a Trophy Truck.  R&D’s JIMCO built trophy truck affectionately known as “War Machine” would be his chariot of speed.

“I just wanted to start a war and see who was the fastest in off-road racing,” stated Jay Reichert, pilot of the R&D Motorsports Trophy Truck.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the current world record at 124 miles per hour.  After multiple runs on the cracked crusty surface, Jay and R&D left Laguna Salada dry lakebed that day with a top speed of 136 miles per hour, officially setting the bar for an all out war on speed and the bragging rights to claim the title to the fastest Trophy Truck in the World.

“Our vehicles are designed for slower speeds over extremely rough terrain. The tires, suspension, steering, etc., are not designed to go much over 100mph.  They are designed to take on the roughest terrain on the planet,” commented Reichert.