pro lite crashPro Lite racers may not crash often, but when they do, they do it BIG!

This crazy crash that sent Ryan Beat sailing is from last years LOORS race in Mexico.  Fortunately he walked away from this one.

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Radar-Tire-Lucas-Oil-6-20-13June 2013 – Fresh off the 2013 SCORE International Baja 500 Class 10 win last month, Mike Johnson and Radar Tires Racing look to earn their first win of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) season this weekend at Miller Motorsports Park aboard the No. 31 Bronson Motorsports Toyota Tacoma sponsored by Radar Tires.

Not only does the Bronson Motorsports have new hardware from the Baja 500 win, they have a brand new Keith Stamper ProLite racing machine in their fleet this weekend at Miller Motorsports Park.  The team will have both ProLite racing machines onsite and will determine which one will be the primary race chassis following the LOORRS practice sessions.

Bradley Morris put in a dominating performance at rounds 9 and 10 of the Lucas Oil Shortcourse Series held under the lights at Glen Helen in San Bernardino, California. Morris, who competes in three classes including Modified Kart, Limited Buggy and Prolite, took three wins on the weekend and lead every lap of Prolite racing.

His victory in the Limited Buggy class was just a bonus when compared to his back-to-back wins in Prolite. Bradley held off a huge field of talented Prolite drivers who did everything they could to catch him. “There were so many yellows in round nine I had to fight hard to stay ahead of Casey Currie and Brian Deegan the entire race,” said Bradley, “I would pull out a slight lead and then someone would cause a yellow and they would be right back on my bumper. Having Danny (Ebberts) on the radio was a huge help. He let me know where everyone was and what they were doing behind me.” Bradley ran his own lines paying no heed to the pressure put on by Currie, to take his first win in the Prolite class. Currie, also on King shocks, finished second.