Mad Media and UTVUnderground.com just unveiled the latest installment of the Polaris RZR-branded side-by-side video in the XP1K video series. Although the full-length movie will be unveiled next year, we have a cool new teaser for the fourth installment of video series, XP1K4. The teaser blends together highlights from the first three XP1K and ends with some early teaser shots from the upcoming fourth video.

Polaris recently unveiled a cool video showing a Switchback Assault 144″ at its Roseau, Minnesota, plant.

The video, which was actually shot at the start of December 2010, follows all of the steps that go into producing the vehicle.

The Switchback is assembled and constructed by both hand and machine. It’s a unique view of the machine going down the assembly line, showing just how much manpower still goes into making off-road machines.