Fullerton, CA – After airing four successful pilot episodes in August 2011, “The Moto Show With Jim Holley” (TMS) has been picked up to run on SPEEDTV.com as featured content (in addition to YouTube). Existing and new episodes of the weekly television web show will be hosted on an exclusive TMS page at www.speedtv.com/feature/the-moto-show. The player graphics and look are consistent with TMS’ own online presence and will include advertising tied in with the player and series.

“SPEED’s online initiatives include hosting entertaining content that viewers won’t find on the regular network,” commented Mark Mitchell, Executive Director at SPEED Digital Media. “‘The Moto Show’ is unique, well-produced and offers our motorcycle racing viewers something special. We want to work with the producers to build this property for the benefit of our viewers, advertisers and the motorcycle industry as a whole.”

“It’s great that SPEED.com has recognized the value and potential of TMS by hosting it on their site,” said Todd Huffman, series creator and Executive Producer at Pipeline Digital Media. “With the awareness of the SPEED.com audience, ‘The Moto Show’ will continue to gain traction and grow into the important motorsports media property as intended.”

Producers plan to be ready with new episodes of TMS for SPEED.com for the 2012 Supercross season, working closely with the motorcycle industry to keep up to date with relevant guests and unique content on the program. Bringing on advertising and sponsorship partners are the next steps to a firm re-launch schedule for The Moto Show. Producers will be working together with SPEED.com to develop entertaining must-see episodes, and building traffic to provide an ideal platform for marketers to reach motorcycle enthusiasts.

August 15, 2011 – Fullerton, CA – After the inaugural shoot on Wednesday night in a packed studio of guests, cast members, sponsors and crew, “The Moto Show with Jim Holley” went into it’s “hyper” post-production phase to get the show uploaded to YouTube for the weekend. While there were a few technical (and creative) delays, the show was live by around 12:00pm PST on Saturday, August 13 and the positive reviews began streaming in.

“Jim, Paul, Laurette, the guests and our entire crew did a fantastic job getting this new project off the ground,” said Todd Huffman, series creator and Executive Producer at Pipeline Digital Media. “The end results seem to show it based on responses from viewers. We all learned a lot and it will only get better.”

Based on initial PR, and the flurry of industry buzz on Facebook and enthusiast forums, views of TMS began generating Saturday afternoon on YouTube. By Sunday evening, viewership had crossed the pond to Europe, and also spread to Australia, Brazil and South Africa. In only its first weekend, views are rapidly approaching 3000, which is encouraging considering the word will only continue to spread over the next few weeks.

June 29, 2011 – Fullerton, CA – Pipeline Digital Media – the producers of “The Motocross Files” and “Epic Ride” – are proud to announce “The Moto Show with Jim Holley.” The all-new roundtable discussion show, dedicated to motorcycle racing news and entertainment, is currently in pre-production and will make its official debut to web viewers in August, 2011 exclusively on YouTube.com.

“The Moto Show with Jim Holley” (TMS) is a weekly 30-minute video broadcast featuring exclusive coverage of all things motorcycle-related – dirt, street and everything in between. Former Supercross World Champion Jim Holley will highlight the cast of the all-new show, and joining him in hosting will be Cycle News Editor, Paul Carruthers, and Motorsports Announcer, Laurette Nicoll. TMS will cover the wide spectrum of motorcycle racing, featuring in-studio guests, event updates and news as well as information on new bikes, product reviews and plenty of other surprises.

Pipeline Digital Media producers are headed in a bold new direction with plans to broadcast TMS exclusively on the internet. With content that will appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks, this format will allow viewers around the world to view episodes of TMS at any time. Because of this global reach, TMS has the potential to cultivate an audience much larger than anything a domestic cable carrier could.

“With the current technology available and how motorcycle people were using it, we felt it was time to produce a show like this,” said Todd Huffman, series creator and executive producer at Pipeline Digital Media. “Our goal is to build on this platform to not only offer weekly news-talk content, but to also provide in-depth motorcycle entertainment you won’t find anywhere else. We won’t be breezing across the top of motorsports news like traditional cable networks do, but bringing details, personalities and perspectives to race fans everywhere.”

TMS host Jim Holley is no stranger to the motorcycle racing community or being on camera. As a factory Yamaha rider, Holley won the first Supercross World Championship in 1985 as well as Ultracross titles in 1988 and 1989. He parlayed his talents on a motorcycle into a successful career as a Hollywood stuntman, with films like The Italian Job and Wild Hogs to his credit. More recently Holley has been the voice of live webcasts during the AMA Supercross Championship for Feld Motor Sports as well as the on-screen talent for SupercrossLive.com’s behind-the-scenes coverage. His knowledge and enthusiasm for motorcycle racing and his personable demeanor make him a fan favorite, and his role as host of TMS will put him in a well-deserved spotlight.

“It’s a great opportunity to host this ground-breaking series about something I have loved since I was a kid, watching my dad, Al Holley, race flat track around Southern California,” Holley commented. “I love the concept of the show and look forward to having some fun with Paul, Laurette and all of our guests.”

The motorcycle industry has already started showing support for this groundbreaking new series. Companies such as Matrix Concepts, Motion Pro Products and Pacific Panel Products are already getting involved to decorate the TMS set.