Idaho overlandingWelcome to Idaho, also known as an overlanding paradise!

Bridge BuildWatch these guys build a bridge with nothing more than a few logs and some rope.

Back country hygieneKeeping clean in the backcountry can be a real chore but the guys from Expedition Overland have some helpful tips.

From organic soap that doubles as a laundry detergent to keeping baby wipes handy for those hard to reach places and even a mesh bag to help rinse your laundry in a stream, this segment of “Oh Hey There!” is all about personal grooming in the backcountry. Nice farmers tan Jeff!

overland packingWhen you’re going off the grid, being prepared is priority number one.

Creek CrossingWho do you think had the pleasure of going first?

Overland Night SkyOne of the many joys of overlanding is being out away from the intrusive effects of city lights and simply marveling at the beauty and vastness of a clear night sky.  

Cab overWhen it comes to overland camping, space and weight are at a premium.  

cookingAs any experienced overlander knows, space comes at a premium when choosing equipment and one of the greatest ways to save space is having a compact, efficient cooking setup.  

The guys from Expedition Overland put together this helpful video that highlights three different overland cooking options to help you decide which one is right for you.

Overland tents
When it comes to accommodations, anyone looking to get outdoors and off the beaten path has a lot of options.  If you’re not one to sleep under the stars, there are a host of overland tents available that quickly and conveniently pop up directly from your vehicle or from a tow-behind trailer.  Which one suites your fancy?  Here are some great images of both options to help you decide.

Overland Necessities
It’s up for debate, but in our experience there are five necessary elements of any great overland expedition.