freitas_13-bitd_off-road-5-10-13Alamo, NV – Northern Nevada must be a favorite location for Garrick Freitas and the Freitas Motorsports crew. They always do well on the high-speed point-to-point courses there. The team won back-to-back Vegas to Reno races on some of these same roads that were run at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300. Point to point races typically favor the unlimited open wheel cars like Garrick’s General Tire FOX Jimco. Multi-lap races are better suited to the big Trick Trucks. First, the heavy trucks tear up the course and then use their huge tires and long travel to overpower the lighter class 1500 cars. Not this time; the top five finishers at the Silver State had three 1500 cars and only two Trick Trucks. Garrick qualified 15th but called upon his Kroyer horsepower to charge all the way up to third in class 1500, fifth overall at the drop of the checkered flag.

“We were trapped behind Damen Jeffries for most of the race,” said Garrick, “He was running a good pace but we wanted more. We had plenty more speed on tap with our Kroyer Racing engine but it was too risky trying to pass in the dust. We made a charge a couple of times but one attempt resulted in us almost plowing over a tree. We got going again with no damage but it was a close call.”