Rock Crawling Fail or Save
This rock crawler is in overĀ his head and cruising for a bruising. Check out the video to see how it ends up.

Trophy Truck Save
Apdaly Lopez, driver of the RPM Offroad trophy truck, found himself on two wheels coming out of this corner and pulled out an incredible save!

Roost your buddy
Clearly this young guy isn’t familiar with the game roost your buddy. Ā He all too easily falls for his friend’s trap and pays the price.

mega truck brakes
Watch the front end completely give out when this mega off-road truck gets on the brakes a little too hard.

Packed Dirt
A word of caution, anytime you plan to climb a berm or a hill, make sure its well packed in before you charge hard at it. Check out the rookie move below:

RZR Fail or save
This guy’s run started out by putting his RZR on its lid, and then just before it tumbled down the hill he managed to get it back on four wheels and drive away. We’re not sure if we’d classify that as a RZR fail or not but it certainly could have been ugly.

Supercross Whoops
Racing supercross is not for the faint of heart. Professional racers make it look easy on TV, but in real life the jumps are nearly vertical, and supercross whoops can send you tumbling in a hurry. Ā Just ask this guy.

Dirt Bike Jeep
There are close calls… and then there’s this. This dirt bike lands on a Jeep after sailing over 100 feet through the air off of a dune. This could have gone wrong in so many ways for both parties. That’s why its always a good idea to have spotters watching the take off and the landing when jumping, particularly in the dunes.

Off-road Fail
We all have those days that we’d prefer to forget. The next time you get yourself in a little over your head, just think about these five off-road fails and how much worse these peopleĀ must feel.

recovery mission
One thing we’ve learned is that people in the off-road community are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Ā Sometimes good intentions just don’t work out all that well, like in this failed recovery mission.