STI-Tech-2-MXC-10-18-13STI Tire & Wheel has double-jumped into the MX/off-road market with the release of the all-new Tech 2 MXC. The “MXC” designation reflects this tire’s adaptability to both MX and XC applications.

The Tech 2 MXC has been years in the making. STI realized from the very beginning how competitive this segment is today. We knew the benchmarks and were willing to spend the extra time and effort in development until those standards were not only met, but surpassed. We did our homework, engaged in endless prototype testing on everything from off-road two-strokes to the latest 450 four-stroke motocrossers in a wide variety of terrain and in numerous racing events, went back to the engineering department several times throughout the process, then tested some more.

The result is an extremely versatile intermediate terrain tire delivering exceptional performance and value.