overland packingWhen you’re going off the grid, being prepared is priority number one.

Overland tents
When it comes to accommodations, anyone looking to get outdoors and off the beaten path has a lot of options.  If you’re not one to sleep under the stars, there are a host of overland tents available that quickly and conveniently pop up directly from your vehicle or from a tow-behind trailer.  Which one suites your fancy?  Here are some great images of both options to help you decide.

Overland Sleep Systems
When it comes to “how to” stories in the Overlanding world, you’ve got options for just about everything – even sleep systems. Whether you’re looking for something simple and lightweight or something to keep you completely out of the elements, the guys from Expedition Overland talk through four overland sleep systems to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Whether you’re heading out on the trails for a day or are planning a more extended adventure trip, there are plenty of things you should make sure to have packed to fully enjoy camping off-road. Here’s a checklist of things you should have stowed in your off-road rig to make that next camping trip safe and fun.

With the increase in popularity of overland adventure travel, there are a number of shelter options for camping off-road. There are a number of crafty new designs that incorporate tents into the bed of trucks or that fold out and rest on the hoods of Jeeps, vans and trucks.

For those going the traditional route, a standard ground tent should suffice. Just make sure the tent is in proper-working order before the trip – otherwise, you may be camping under the stars unintentionally. Useful but not necessary is a nice ground mat to help provide a barrier between you and the ground, and most are also mildew-resistant in case they get wet.