Flex Friday Feature
#FlexFriday means different things to different people. To the fitness crowd, it’s the day you post pictures of yourself straining in front of a mirror (“the beach is that way!”. To the Jeep crowd, it’s somewhat of a contest to see who can get the most “flex” out of their Jeeps suspension. Well, save your posts for another day, this guy wins #FlexFriday.

Lucas Oil-backed Colton Haaker is one of the top riders competing in the AMA GEICO EnduroCross series, presented by E3 Sparkplugs. The northern California native was a top Trials competitor before shifting his focus to EnduroCross.

He moved to SoCal this year to get more riding time in at the motocross tracks and he even qualified for two AMA MX Nationals; once on the 250 at Hangtown and then on a 450 at Washougal. But all of that time on the MX tracks hasn’t taken away from his trials skills. The video link below highlights some of the amazing skills that Colton has developed with his unique background in motocross, trials, and more recently, EnduroCross.