Belvidere, IL – When the time came for the seven-time PRO  off-road champion to finally get a chance to race in the heart of NASCAR country, Taylor Racing knew that nothing but his “A-Game”  would do. The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway would host the first ever PRO short-course race in the Southeast.

Along with the top drivers in the sport that were ready to do battle in Charlotte, several key supporters of Scott Taylor’s race team were on hand to witness this epic weekend of racing. A large contingent from Miller Electric, RoushYates Engines, Impact Racing, and BFGoodrich Tires were all on hand, and Scott Taylor made his supporters proud with a great performance during Round 5 action.

The track was built around and inside the.5 mile clay based circle track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The layout consisted of four high speed jumps on the actual oval, while the infield hosted a long rhythm section, a couple of mogul fields, two sets of small jumps, and a six foot tall jump that would send the truck over a thirty foot gap before landing on solid ground. It was a great combination of requiring plenty of horsepower and a well set-up suspension.