The Off Road Business Association (ORBA) has joined the growing number of individuals and associations looking to affect the national elections of key states in hopes that pro-trail candidates will win back the Senate. OHV Enthusiasts now have their own national Political Action Committee or PAC so it was an easy decision for the ORBA Board of Directors to seek support. Offsetting the big money of the environmental movement will be no easy task, but at least the OHV industry is making headway.

Don Amador founder of the Trail PAC explained the scenario in 3 key races in which Pro OHV candidates are facing attacks. George Allen in Virginia, Denny Rehberg in Montana, and Heather Wilson, in New Mexico.  In Wilsons race in New Mexico five “Big Green” groups have formed a coalition to defeat Wilson, who is running for the seat left vacant by Democratic Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s retirement. Her Democratic opponent is Rep. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., a board member of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. “That group has a long history of opposing responsible OHV recreation on public lands,” Amador said.