Editor’s note: Lovell Racing sent over its pre-race report for next week’s King of the Hammers race. Check it out below.

While we have been concentrating on the Baja and building a new TORC Pro 2 over the past few months, have no doubt, we are racing King of the Hammers. The event has kicked off our yearly campaign for the last 8 years running and has taken center stage once again. We are proud to announce that AMSOIL has become the official oil of King of the Hammers & Ultra 4 Racing. There are few better proving ground than Johnson Valley to validate such a product as oil.

Colorado Springs
– We have had several class wins in the Baja but the race is not something you ever really conquer. No matter how many times I race there, it never fails to drop my jaw. It has little to do with a typical American desert race, it is the Baja 1000. The only thing you can prepare for is for everything to go awry. At times the race is peaceful, other times intense with screaming crowds, often terrifying with unseen hazards hiding in a sinister haze.

I had the privilege of driving the start of the race this year for the BFGoodrich Tires BC-1 car. The start definitely falls in the “intense” category and I loved every minute of it. The excitement and hazard of the fans lining the course has no equivalent. Fans try to touch the car as it goes by and dumbest of all – even lie in the road on the far side of jumps. While a wild ride, we made it through with nothing but positive experiences and put 35 miles on the 2nd place car in the first 308 miles.

Lovell-Team-BFGoodrich-Baja-1000-11-18-13Colorado Springs, CO 11/18/2013 – The Baja 1000 is typically seen as trophy trucks jumping over rises lined with spectators, slamming through whoops, and speeding down tight roads. Is this reality? Absolutely. The race is so broad however, that this is only a glimpse of the real experience.

The true essence of the Baja 1000 takes years to grasp. There are high speed roads, bone jarring rocks, narrow shelf roads, oceans of silt, and even pavement. The key is to know when to push hard, when to protect the car, and when to forget speed and focus on survival. Exhaustion and bizarre sights make the memories dreamlike. This is the ultimate endurance challenge of man and machine.

To all our supporters – We could really use some help getting to Baja with BFGoodrich Tires. BFG is holding a contest on Facebook where you can vote for your favorite driver to race in the BFGoodrich Baja Challenge car in this years peninsula run down Baja. Thanks to support from our fans we got a chance last year and were poised for a 2nd place finish in class 10 before “catastrophic mechanical failure” caused us to finish 6th. We need another chance and ask for your support.

Colorado Springs, CO 7/23/12 – Chicagoland Speedway has not been kind to Brad Lovell. A lawn dart maneuver took him out of contention in 2010 and in 2011 a similar move resulted in double DNF’s. The driver of the #44 AMSOIL / Torchmate Nissan was looking for anything more than a mid-season flop this year and was rewarded with two strong finishes.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about season points,” commented Brad, “With our history in Chicago and a 2nd place points tie with CJ Greaves, I just focussed on finishing.” Chicagoland featured a new 3/4 mi track layout this year that took full advantage of the size of the facility. The dirt gave way to treacherous ruts that highlighted the untamed nature of off-road racing.

Lovell Racing is auctioning a qualified spot in King of the Hammers. The auction closes at midnight 1/4/12. Payment for the auction and KOH entry is due 1/9/12.

50% of the proceeds go to the Blue Ribbon Coalition for preservation of recreational off-roading.

50% of the proceeds go directly to defense of recreational off-roading in Johnson Valley.

The auction is for qualified 2012 King of the Hammers spot only. The winner is still responsible to pay entry fees, and provide their own vehicle & team. Please post your bid or e-mail to have it posted on your behalf.

Link to the auction: