LOOMIS, CA – The Free Ruffstuff Specialties Open Pit will be set up for the third consecutive year at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers.  The 8 bay capabilities will include 9 Lincoln Electric Welders and a 4×4 Torchmate Table in addition to 3 full service mobile welding trucks that can come to you anywhere.  Racers have priority, but nobody will be ignored, including those without broken vehicles who would just like a Free RuffStuff or Lincoln Electric T-shirt or koozie!  “Last year we repaired 198 different vehicles and this year we have doubled our size and added additional capabilities,” said Dan Fredrickson, owner of Ruffstuff Specialties.  “We go above and beyond for anyone, and one of the cool things that we offer is allowing you to try all the latest and greatest equipment from Lincoln Electric.  We know that most off-road guys are welders, sometimes amazingly good and sometimes not, but all can benefit from the hands on experience. If you are looking at plasma machines, there is no better time to check out the Torchmate 4×4 Table in use, and while the pressure is on to get it done right now!”

Torchmate CNC Cutting systems, and its parent company Lincoln Electric will continue Torchmate’s history of involvement in the King of the Hammers with the introduction of “The Lincoln Experience”. The partnership of Lincoln electric welders and the Torchmate CNC cutting system presents a opportunity to explore the equipment’s full potential by offering attendees of the event a chance to participate in building a hands on interactive art project tailored to The King of the Hammers event. Demonstrations of the Torchmate machines will take place the entire week of the event with Torchmate CNC machines and technicians available to assist race teams who need specialized parts replicated. The weeklong event will build up to Thursday’s contingency show with Lincoln/Torchmate branded athletes and celebrities appearances in the V20 vendor booth location.

The Lincoln Experience at the King of the Hammers will focus on production of a three dimensional steel hammer and crown that will stand approximately 6 feet in height. The project will go from concept to reality with the assistance of the general public. Attendees are encouraged to participate by welding individual pieces of the puzzle like structure together. The entire structure is composed of 250 of individual plate steel pieces that will be cut on site with the use of a 4×4 Torchmate CNC cutting system and a Lincoln Tomahawk ® 1000 Plasma cutter. “This project gives off-roaders the opportunity to experience Lincoln Electric in a practical setting rather than welding and cutting scrap metal parts. I think its going to be pretty cool to see this project come together over the course of a couple hour’s” said JT Taylor who will be racing the Torchmate Ultra4 car in the main event at King of the Hammers.

After completed the first Lincoln Experience art project will be auctioned off at the event on Friday during the 6th running of the King of the Hammers main event with proceeds to benefit the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA). “There is no better way to showcase the experience Lincoln Electric brings to the off-road industry then a demonstration like this, and ORBA is thankful to have Torchmate include us in a project that can bring attention to the important issues associated with OHV access opportunities throughout the country.” Commented Fred Wiley ORBA President.

Hammerking Productions and its Griffin King of the Hammers event attract nearly 20,000 people from around the world for a weeklong off-road gathering like no other. Attendees are encouraged to explore the racecourse on off days, mingle with the drivers, and participate in seminars and projects like the Lincoln Experience. “In the 6 years of the event I have raced, I have never seen an art project built during KOH, this event has really grown beyond expectations.” said long time racer Bart Dixon. Dixon went on to say, “Its like the Burning Man of Off-Road!”