KTM-World-Enduro-Off-Road-6-26-13KTM’s Antoine Meo and Christophe Nambotin continued their almost uninterrupted run of success in the E1 and E3 World Championships in Kastoria Greece at the weekend to seal both 2013 world titles with two rounds of the competition still in hand.

KTM can also add two additional titles to their already impressive honors list as the Manufacturers Award for both E1 and E2 also go to the Austrian offroad specialist.

The two French factory riders have both had an almost unblemished record in the twelfth round of the competition (from a total of 14) and at the GP of Greece performed no differently. Both picked up double wins in Kastoria to reclaim their world titles won for the KTM factory team in 2012. They can now return to France for the final two rounds in September and enjoy the accolades that will come their way from the enthusiastic French fans.