Off-road racers Robby Bell and Justin Seeds have had their lives captured on video to show a day “In the Life” of dirt bike racers.

The second video of the series focuses on the training that racers do off of the bike, and how that can be the difference in beating the next guy on the course. Both Bell and Seeds hit the weights, do plenty of cardio and strength exercises to prepare their body ready for pushing the limits in a long race.

AP Brakes has been posting Day in the Life videos of its team riders. The most recent video the dirt bike brake company released is on Robby Bell. Bell talks about his start in racing, noting that he wasn’t very serious about the sport for a long time, that it was more of a hobby when he was younger.

It’s not every day that we get insight into the everyday world of racers. But AP Racing Brakes, a dirt bike racing company from England that has making disc brake systems since 1966, is creating a new video series that follows  the lives of two of their young Pro WORCS Racers Robby Bell and Justin Seeds as they battle toward victory. The video series will offer in-depth background into what it takes to become a successful dirt bike racer.

This is a behind-the-scenes video of their daily lives as well as action of them live on the track. The full online documentary series coming soon, but here’s a teaser of the action