JT-Taylor-NORRA-4-25-13COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – This weekend Torchmate Racing’s JT Taylor continues his world wide adventures starting the 2013 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 Race.  JT Taylor will iron man the #313 in the new Ultra4 Class with co-drivers Doug Nagy, Scott Estrada and Ryan Scott taking on different sections.  “Since we ran last year in the Evolution 4×4 class and won, they called it a success and are allowing an Ultra4 class this year,” explained JT Taylor who will be running his 5th straight NORRA 1000 event.  “I always say this is the funnest race on the planet, and I mean it!  It is a well-run race, and getting better every year.  Mike Pearlman and the crew do a great job and I look forward to seeing them at the start line and finish line every day!”

The final prep on the car is done and is already in route to the sunny beaches from the Colorado winter.  “The car is in pretty good shape from the King of the Hammers, all I did between it and Moab Easter Jeep Safari was wash it,” said JT.  “I did change the Goodyear tires from 40’s to the 37’s for this race and put on a new set of awesome Rigid Lights.  The first few days are really long and if we do have any problems they may come in handy if I end up having to run in the dark.  And, if I don’t use them, I’ll certainly look cool,” chuckled JT Taylor.

Ultra4 drivers lap times during practice were only  4 seconds off Pro record times at Crandon International Raceway last weekend. Sixteen Ultra4 drivers descended upon Crandon, WI, last weekend to compete in the TORC Series Brush Run at Crandon International Raceway. This was the first time Ultra4 Racing had ever been to Crandon and Ultra4 driver, Gary Ferravanti, Sr. claimed first place in both days’ or racing, despite extremely different weather conditions between the two days.

On Saturday, June 16th, the rain began pouring in earnest at 1PM and a rain delay was called. As the rain dissipated, the Ultra4 Class was asked by USAC to race earlier in the day, before the Pro2 and Pro4 classes, instead of racing after both classes as originally scheduled. In typical Ultra4 style, the drivers agreed to race in the mud.  According to the drivers, the course was slick with little traction in early laps, but Gary Ferravanti, Sr. quickly found his way to the front of the pack and stayed there.  Derek West, who is no stranger to mud in the mid west, stealthly made his way into 2nd position and Nick Nelson finished the race in 3rd place battling overheating issues.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – JT Taylor completed another first in off-road racing.  He took the Torchmate / Tube Shark Ultra4 car south of the border and finished the four day 2012 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 Race.  “This is the funest race on the planet, and I’ve been around the planet,” joked JT Taylor.  “On a more serious note, it is an honor to be able to be welcomed by the entire NORRA staff and all the legendary drivers into their group after racing this week.”

The week started off with a very well organized NORRA Tech and Contingency where JT Taylor and co-driver Doug Nagy mingled with legends of the sport.  On Day 1, of the four day staged race, they left the line in a parade to Laguna Selada.  Once in open racing, the car ran well, but the steering ram that had been replaced prior to the race was now too quick.  They changed the part and picked up a little penalty for the transit stage, but had a great time in the last few sections reeling people in with the King Shocks and Goodyear Tires rolling over the obstacles.

Torchmate CNC Cutting systems, and its parent company Lincoln Electric will continue Torchmate’s history of involvement in the King of the Hammers with the introduction of “The Lincoln Experience”. The partnership of Lincoln electric welders and the Torchmate CNC cutting system presents a opportunity to explore the equipment’s full potential by offering attendees of the event a chance to participate in building a hands on interactive art project tailored to The King of the Hammers event. Demonstrations of the Torchmate machines will take place the entire week of the event with Torchmate CNC machines and technicians available to assist race teams who need specialized parts replicated. The weeklong event will build up to Thursday’s contingency show with Lincoln/Torchmate branded athletes and celebrities appearances in the V20 vendor booth location.

The Lincoln Experience at the King of the Hammers will focus on production of a three dimensional steel hammer and crown that will stand approximately 6 feet in height. The project will go from concept to reality with the assistance of the general public. Attendees are encouraged to participate by welding individual pieces of the puzzle like structure together. The entire structure is composed of 250 of individual plate steel pieces that will be cut on site with the use of a 4×4 Torchmate CNC cutting system and a Lincoln Tomahawk ® 1000 Plasma cutter. “This project gives off-roaders the opportunity to experience Lincoln Electric in a practical setting rather than welding and cutting scrap metal parts. I think its going to be pretty cool to see this project come together over the course of a couple hour’s” said JT Taylor who will be racing the Torchmate Ultra4 car in the main event at King of the Hammers.

After completed the first Lincoln Experience art project will be auctioned off at the event on Friday during the 6th running of the King of the Hammers main event with proceeds to benefit the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA). “There is no better way to showcase the experience Lincoln Electric brings to the off-road industry then a demonstration like this, and ORBA is thankful to have Torchmate include us in a project that can bring attention to the important issues associated with OHV access opportunities throughout the country.” Commented Fred Wiley ORBA President.

Hammerking Productions and its Griffin King of the Hammers event attract nearly 20,000 people from around the world for a weeklong off-road gathering like no other. Attendees are encouraged to explore the racecourse on off days, mingle with the drivers, and participate in seminars and projects like the Lincoln Experience. “In the 6 years of the event I have raced, I have never seen an art project built during KOH, this event has really grown beyond expectations.” said long time racer Bart Dixon. Dixon went on to say, “Its like the Burning Man of Off-Road!”

FOUNTAIN VALLEY – Radflo Suspension will be soaking up the toughest terrain in America when put to the ultimate challenge at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers.  There will be multiple Ultra4 cars in the event that will be racing on Radflo Suspension including Cottin Rodd, Nick Nelson, JT Taylor and Derek West among many others.  “We will be on the lakebed supporting all the teams using Radflo Products and will be assisting with race car set up the week before the race,” explained Glenn Classen, President of Radflo Suspension Technology.

Typically the King of the Hammers Ultra4 cars are using a combination of the Radflo 2.5 Bypass, 2.0 Coilover and 2.0 Bump Stops.  Between the vehicle height and weight, and the extreme need for flex in the fast desert and rock crawling, these vehicles demand a suspension that will handle the abuse and not wear out.  “We had a lot of success at last years King of the Hammers and look forward to cheering more of the teams to the finish line this year,” said Classen.

Radflo Suspension will be on Shock Tuners Row in the Vendor area where Glenn will be on hand to answer any questions that you have about Radflo Suspension in correlation to your specific vehicle.  Radflo will be on the lakebed from February 3rd to February 10th. If you are interested in having your Radflo suspension tuned, please email info@radflo.com or call 714 965-7828 to set up a date and time.

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RENO, NV: JT Taylor, Team Manager for Torchmate Racing, took the win at the Ultra4 Torchmate Stampede in Reno, NV on Saturday September 10th. The 130 mile Northern Nevada race boasted as the hardest Ultra4 race yet by promoter Dave Cole, even tougher than the King of the Hammers, makes the win even stronger.  “This is a huge deal for Torchmate and this win is a long time coming for me.  We knew we couldn’t let off and had to run a fast and consistent pace because there were 45 quality racers chasing me down… so, this is a big frickin deal,” said JT Taylor at the awards ceremony Saturday night as the crowd of racers cheered.

Qualifying second behind Shannon Campbell, Torchmate Racing JT Taylor felt confident in the car and the starting position to have a good day.  “The TTB car performed perfectly and the crew was on the top of their game.  We had a plug wire issue on the beginning of lap two so we ran the 17 mile loop and ducked back into the pit,” said JT Taylor.  The crew attacked the car led by Crew Chief Jake Povey who found and fixed the problem and they were back out of the pits before the 2nd place car came through on the first lap.

RENO, NV – Roger Norman decided to compete in another discipline of racing this year: Rock Crawling.  In his rookie appearance at the W.E. Rock West Tucson, AZ event he challenged himself and finished on the podium in his Torchmate Racing Pro Mod #8 rock crawler.  “Rock crawling is tougher than it looks,” exclaimed successful Trophy Truck racer Roger Norman. “There is actually a ton of strategy and teamwork involved.”

The whole experience was different than anything Norman had participated in before.  The spotter was outside the car giving directions via Bluetooth headsets.  There are many controls not found in a trophy truck including a transfer case for controlling front wheel and rear wheel drive, front and rear air lockers and  cutting brakes.  The front and rear winches are not for pulling you out of a bad situation, but rather connected to axle housings used for sucking in the suspension to account for different angles.  The BFGoodrich Krawlers had amazing traction, strength and stability on the man made course.

Competitors complete four courses on Saturday and four on Sunday, and then enter a shootout on Sunday afternoon that can change the entire outcome of the event.  With each course timed, Norman only completed one of the four courses on Saturday.  Come Sunday, he successfully turned that ratio around to completing three out of the four courses, with one tied for the best score of the day.

Rock racer JT Taylor took his unique vehicle to Pikes Peak to tackle the race’s exhibition class at the 88th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. He finished first in class with a time of 14 minutes, 7 seconds, hitting a top speed of 86 mph.

“I am so excited to be a part of this race, and then to have the fastest time in the class is awesome,” JT said. “If I could send in my entry fee for next year today I would.”

The 88th running of the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb commenced on June 27, 2010 in Colorado Springs, Colorado after a week-long practice and a fan appreciation day.  The race itself is 12.42 miles long with 156 turns, as it goes from 9,390 feet to the summit at 14,110 ft.