BJ-Baldwin-HDRA-7-12-13Reno, NV – The HDRA Eldorado Reno 500 will be a tough race for BJ Baldwin but it won’t be due to the 500 miles of punishing rocks, silt and steep hills on the Tahoe-Reno Motorplex course. The toughest thing for BJ will be that he won’t be driving; well for very long anyways.

BJ is sidelined with a hand injury that needs a few more weeks to heal. His hand was damaged when a firearm suppressor failed, causing it to explode into pieces. “My hand is doing well but until the bone in my broken finger has a chance to heal, I have to be careful,” says BJ.

He has a titanium rod inserted into the marrow of his bone to keep it in position as it heals. If he were to catch that finger on the steering wheel the rod could get bent. Aside from the pain and a crooked finger, it would be very difficult to remove the rod. The best thing to do is let it heal. BJ also has a wrist injury unrelated to the accident that will benefit from a short break from driving. “I will start the race in my Monster Energy  / Toyo Tires / Rigid industries Chevrolet to qualify as the driver of record and then let another Vegas Trophy Truck driver, TJ Flores drive the rest, “says BJ, “TJ was my first choice to take over driving for me. He is the most logical choice since he races an SPD Trophy Truck similar to mine and has no contractual conflicts to deal with.