Jeep Ruts
There are typically two schools of thought on how to navigate a severely rutted-out mud hole when mudding in a Jeep.  You can ease your way in, gingerly navigating the obstacle and hope you don’t get hung up, or you can do what this guy did and just hold the gas peddle all the way through. Sometimes when off-road, momentum is your friend.

Jeep Crews
Half the fun of going off-roading are the people you get to hang out with. We’ve been on some pretty epic adventures with some amazing people and seldom do we leave disappointed. Here are five Jeep crews that we wouldn’t hesitate to go wheeling with.

Flex Friday Feature
#FlexFriday means different things to different people. To the fitness crowd, it’s the day you post pictures of yourself straining in front of a mirror (“the beach is that way!”. To the Jeep crowd, it’s somewhat of a contest to see who can get the most “flex” out of their Jeeps suspension. Well, save your posts for another day, this guy wins #FlexFriday.

Raising kids Right
In this day and age, it seems like too many kids are content to just spend their days indoors staring at some sort of device with a screen. Well take heart, there are still a handful of parents out there determined to teach their kids about the finer things in life, like off-roading and how to get their hands dirty.  These are the off-roaders of tomorrow getting ready for their future life as an off-road enthusiast.

Jeep Recovery
When traveling in the desert, those blasted holes seem to just pop up out of nowhere. Fortunately this Jeep Wrangler JK wasn’t alone, and someone in the group was prepared with a tow strap. Not every recovery mission goes smoothly, but this Jeep Wrangler recover was a success.

Monster Truck Tryouts
Of course they don’t just let anyone hop in a blown, lifted monster truck that puts out 1500 horsepower and let them drive it around a stadium packed with people. No, just like in other sports, monster truck drivers have to prove themselves and work their way up to the big leagues. This guy may have some more work to do before hitting the monster truck ranks. Apparently his friend doesn’t have much confidence in him either. Check it out.

On the Edge
Not all thrill seekers get their kicks at 100 mph or flying through the air. No, plenty of fun can be had crawling along at just a few mph. Michael Hernandez puts his Jeep on the edge as he navigates this obstacle using every bit of bite the sidewall of his tires have.

Pushing jeep workout
It seems like there’s a new diet plan or workout trend that pops up out of nowhere every other week.  They all make the same outrageous claims and say they’re different from all the rest. Well this is one workout routine we think we could really get into! Combining an off-road Jeep and cross training is something we wish we thought of. Props to you, Brittany!

Big Show Jeep
We’re not really sure what to say about this. We have our own opinions about professional wrestling as a whole, but this video just takes things to another level. Or maybe too far? We just can’t decide. Check out this wrestler flipping over a Jeep in a way that we can’t say we’ve ever seen before.

Jeep Girls Feature
A woman who happily encourages her man to go off-roading is a rarity.

A woman who accompanies her man off-roading is even better.

A woman who drives and can work on her own Jeep is… priceless.