IMS Products is proud to announce its new Adventure Tank for the Yamaha WR250R/X. We call this an Adventure tank because it maximizes your capacity preparing you for those extended trips without the need to stop and fill up. This tank has a 2.75 gallon advantage over the stock fuel tank and it handles it well. We made this Adventure tank to replaces the stock radiator shrouds and keep the fuel down low for a lower center of gravity, improving the handling and stability of the bike. We also have installed a lift pump to allow the stock fuel pump to stay in the standard position while efficiently utilizing the entire capacity of the tank. It is available in Natural, Black, Blue and White.

IMS Products is also proud to have made available custom IMS graphic kits for the Yamaha WR250R/X. You can update the styling of your bike using these kits available for either OEM/IMS 3.0 Gallon applications as well as a customized kit for the IMS 4.75 Gallon tank. These kits are produced by HBD Motografx using a resin based printing for a superior color matching in both the Blue and White color schemes. Graphics are sold separately from the IMS fuel tanks.

Fits: 08-11 WR 250 R/X
Capacity: 4.75
Available in Natural, Black, Blue and White
Graphics Sold Separately
MSRP: $399.00
Part Number: 117332

Fits: 08-11 WR 250 R/X
MSRP $89.99
Available in Blue and White
Part Numbers:
# 8007332 — 4.75 Gallon
# 8007331 — 3.0 IMS/OEM

CASAR, NC – With the injury of Luke Reeves the DeRisi race team is still down a rider but it was great news to hear that Luke made it to the Snowshoe event to offer any support he could give to his teammate’s throughout the race day. “We really miss having Luke out there; we hope to have him back the last half of the season. Eric and David are truly having a great season” commented Santo DeRisi, Owner of DeRisi Racing Inc. “we have had some bad luck but we were looking to get passed the past as we headed to Snowshoe.”

In the XC2 class, Eric would get a good start but would suffer throughout the day with mechanical issues and bottlenecks. He would try to overcome his adversities but would finish the day in 12th place; this finish puts Eric in 4th place in the XC2 points standing’s.

David Reeves started on the front row of the Junior A class and lead for most of the race until he fell victim to one of the most difficult mud holes on the course. He would unfortunately sit in a large bottleneck for a lengthy amount of time with would cause him to fall back in his class. David would however grab a 3rd place finish which puts him 2nd in the class point’s chase.

Support rider Braden Henthorn of the College A class would put together another impressive ride to finish 2nd. This finish give Braden five top three finishes for the year. Fellow support competitor James Reeves would place 6th in the Junior A class.

“Snowshoe is always a nice location that we look forward to competing at; the track is extremely challenging and I think all our riders did well to overcome the obstacles they had in front of them. We are looking forward to heading to Ohio next week for another weekend of racing! Thank you so much to the following companies for their loyalty and support; Rath Racing, Fox Shox, GBC Tires, IMS Products, HMF, HiPer Technology, Power Bar, GPR, Fasst Co, DC Cycle, Wiseco, Maier, Twin Air, DP Brakes, G4 Graphics, PowerMadd, Motion Pro, Quad Tech, Albright Motorsports, Spider Grips, Silkolene, Hilltop Motorsports, Fly Racing, Scott Goggles and Liquid Performance.”

Riverside, Calif. – IMS Products is proud to announce the launch of their new website at The new and improved website not only has a new look, but functions more efficiently, and provides better resources for visitors looking for information about the company and their products. The new site is also easier to use and is more comprehensive. The store has also been revamped, making it easier to find the product you’re looking for thanks to more intuitive navigation.

In order to help build up the new website, IMS is beginning a photo submission contest! The contest invites all IMS fans to take a picture of their IMS-equipped bikes and send them to Submissions will be automatically entered into a drawing for a prize package consisting of an IMS t-shirt, an IMS hat, an IMS sticker pack and a set of IMS Edition PowerMadd PowerX hand guards. These photos will also be featured on the IMS Facebook page and the IMS blog at

IMS has also provided a special wish list of products and bike models to go along with this contest: While photos of any bike and product are accepted, the products and models listed are needed as product photos for the new website. Anyone submitting photos of IMS-equipped machines on the wish list should try to make their photos as clean and professional looking as possible, with a neutral background like a plain wall or white backdrop. In addition to being entered into the drawing for the prize package, anyone that submits a product photo from the wish list will be rewarded with a 20% discount from IMS.

IMS is excited about the new site and the accompanying photo submission promotion. For more information on IMS and their products visit the IMS website at Follow IMS on Facebook at


San Bernardino, Calif.  – IMS Products riders Dustin Nelson and Beau Baron battled through less-than-ideal conditions Sunday to take first and second place in the opening round of the Yamaha Quad-X Series. Glen Helen Raceway experienced a turbulent weekend of spring showers and chilling temperatures, leading to slick inclines and soggy flats on the USGP track.

Nelson and Baron spent much of the day fighting for the lead, but it was Nelson who managed to pull off both moto wins and secure the overall victory. Baron finished second in both races to take second overall.

The track conditions proved to be difficult for riders of all levels, as pros and amateurs alike found themselves stuck or sideways at various points on the track. Nelson adapted quickly, holding his hole-shot lead throughout the entire first moto. Baron took the hole-shot in the second moto, but a few slips throughout the race allowed Nelson to overtake him for the win.

Justin Jones, in his first ever race in the pro class, finished third in the first moto and fourth in the second moto. He ended in fourth overall. Johnny Shafe, with a pair of seventh place races finished sixth overall, while Josh Row finished ninth overall.

All in all Sunday’s Quad-X Round 1 was a success for IMS riders. Despite the tough conditions, Glen Helen got the series off to a great start with some exciting racing.