Corona, CA – January 30, 2012 – Husqvarna’s Fred Andrews Racing (FAR) team kicked off the AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series over the weekend, where Andrew Delong carded a top-ten finish at the Sumter, South Carolina event. The weather could not have been more ideal, with the sun shining and temperatures in the 60s. Sandy terrain and tight trees made for a technical course, which Delong took to with ease on his TXC310.

“I was ‘on rails’ through test one with that fourth-place finish,” Delong said. “I stalled it a few times in the other test but hit the electric start and off I would go again. But my last two tests cost me today.”

Delong went on to finish a respectable eighth place – a good jumping off point in such a competitive series. 

The day was a bit more challenging for Enduro first-timer Jason Thomas. The GNCC regular finished in 17th place after battling through the trees.

“I need to train more in the tight trees,” Thomas admitted. “Some spots you had to stop and turn your bars just to get through. I will be better next race.”

The FAR Husqvarna team will head to Greensboro, Georgia in three weeks for round two of the AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series on February 19.

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January 20, 2012 – New York, NY – The distinct retro flair of the golden age of motorcycling is one that only Husqvarna can genuinely embody. The Husky marque is the definitive emblem of an era, and one that continues to symbolize bold innovation, classic design and timeless passion. Husqvarna’s distinctive 1970’s vibe is revisited in the Concept Baja – where vintage meets technology, and legendary style is redefined.

Vintage allure isn’t all this trek-touring design has to offer; performance is what makes the Concept Baja truly exceptional. Ideal for the casual rider as well as the committed enthusiast, The Baja will continue the trek well after the pavement ends.

Corona, CA – Zip-Ty Husqvarna racer Cory Graffunder didn’t start his season off on an ideal note, but fortunately he was able to end it on one. After returning from an injury, Graffunder closed out his GEICO AMA EnduroCross season with a podium finish at the Las Vegas finale.
“I had one chance to come back and redeem myself from missing practically the whole season,” Graffunder said. “I was really excited to get on the podium and I wanted to prove to everyone that I still had the speed.”

A broken wrist only days before the X Games season opener left the Zip-Ty Husky rider on the sidelines of the STAPLES Center rather than battling for a medal. Graffunder would go on to miss out on five of the seven venues, and looked at the Las Vegas double-header as his last opportunity for redemption in 2011.

“I trained really hard in the off-season with the hope of improving from number four,” Graffunder said. “I thought I had something for Taddy [Blazusiak] but the wrist threw a wrench in my whole season. The Las Vegas finale was as eye-opening to me as it was for everyone else. I trained really hard the whole month before that and I didn’t know where I was going to be. I raced the Idaho EnduroCross round and I didn’t have much speed there, but I’d been getting better and better. In the first main, I ended up getting a good start. Cody Webb went at it and I had him covered. It was great to get on the podium again.”

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Corona, CA – After the long summer break, Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) racing has finally resumed and FAR Husqvarna racers Jason Thomas and Morgan Moss were back in action for round 10 of the 2011 series, which took place at the famous Unadilla Raceway in New Berlin, New York. Thomas had a great day, leading the way for much of the race, but settled for second. 

Moss and Thomas got the start and led the pack into the woods. At the green flag it was Thomas leading the way. It was a dogfight all day between Thomas and Jordan Ashburn – the two riders were never more than 15 seconds apart for the three-hour duration. At the fuel stop, Thomas was still leading. At the white flag, Thomas was still in control and pushing hard to complete the final eight-mile lap in the lead. On the last hill – no more than 50 feet from the finish – a lapped rider got crossed up and fell into Jason’s line, knocking him to the ground and costing him the win.

“It’s not the ending we were looking for, but that’s racing…” commented team manager Fred Andrews of the FAR Husqvarna team.

“I worked hard all summer break with my fitness and bike setup,” Thomas said. “It paid off today! Yes, I am disappointed I lost the race so close to the finish, but I gained points in the championship. I am strong and my Husqvarna TXC worked awesome.”

Unfortunately for Moss, he tangled with some downed XC1 riders on the first lap, which preceded a mechanical failure. Moss and Thomas are still both in the top-ten in points, and even with his second-place finish, Thomas made an important gain in the championship.

CORONA, CA (August 29, 2011) – The most aggressive of Husqvarna’s 2012 line of off-road motorcycles, the TC250 and TC449, are the embodiment of Husqvarna’s race technology. Under BMW ownership, the Italian manufacturer has drawn motor inspiration from its parent company’s rich racing background in designing the latest generation motocross/GP racers. The result is another significant step forward in design –further evidence of Husqvarna’s passionate dedication to competition and the pursuit of reclaiming its place as a leader in two-wheel technology.

Not forgotten is the grassroots 125cc two-stroke class. It is still alive, and though the rules may have changed, the fun-factor remains unmatched. In the dedicated spirit of mixing gas, Husqvarna has returned for 2012 armed with the mighty CR125! Taking it a step further in performance and versatility, the 2012 CR125 comes equipped with a 144 top-end kit complete with piston and cylinder.

Corona, CA – Zip-Ty Husqvarna racers took to the Nevada desert over the weekend in the Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno, where Nick Burson and Ty Davis teamed up to take a podium finish in the Open Pro class.

Burson and Davis piloted their Zip-Ty Racing-prepared 2011 Husqvarna TXC511 to fifth overall in the longest off-road race in America, where they also finished third in class. The race was a first for Burson, who had never run the Vegas to Reno before, and he had a rather tough go of it after a crash early in the race.

“Everyone got lost on the dry lakebed,” Burson explained. “There was a 90-degree corner on a lakebed and everyone missed it except Esposito. I got across the lake and as soon as I turned around, I was looking up to see if I could see any dust trails and I hit a sand bush and went straight over the bars.”

Fortunately Burson wasn’t injured too badly, and the bike was still in running shape, though it carried some damage to the next pit stop.

“We were just going to do a gas stop,” Davis recalled, “and we saw a hand guard broken and he said, ‘You might have to ride. I just crashed.’ I looked at the bike and there was no rear fender, and I was like, ‘Yeah you did!’ That early in the race we weren’t ready to be switching everything over. But we had to swap out the front brakes and then I got on the bike and made it to pit ten.”

Following the crash, Davis ended up riding far more of the Vegas to Reno than he had originally planned. “I was just doing this to be a relief rider for Nick, and I ended up on the bike for over four hours. He was the one who’s supposed to be in shape, not me!” Davis said with a laugh.

Still, Burson was able to get back on the bike and take it to the finish. The durable and fuel-efficient Husqvarna TXC511 proved to be the ideal race weapon for over 500 miles of wide-open racing. Davis commented on putting Husky’s open-class off-roader through its paces at the Vegas to Reno.

“Casey [Folks – BITD race promoter] grates the courses now so it was really smooth and the speeds were extremely high. It was like an 8-hour dyno run on that thing; it was wide open! I guarantee you that bike has never been ridden that hard for that long.”

“It all goes to show that desert racing is not easy, and not for the weak, so it’s no surprise that Ty, Nick and the TXC511 endured to finish strong in the Vegas to Reno,” commented Husqvarna’s National Marketing Manager Corey Eastman. “It’s another proud finish for Husqvarna North America this year.”

Photo by Mark Kariya

Corona, CA – With the performance you demand on the trail, and the refinement you expect from Europe, the bold new 2012 line of Husqvarna off-road motorcycles has broken cover. Black frames, silver rims, new graphics and sleek styling define the Husky 2012 line. The first models to be released are the cross-country models, including the race-inspired TXC off-roaders and WR two-stroke motorcycles.

TXC Cross-country Overview
Husqvarna’s line of TXC motorcycles is developed exclusively for the high demands of the American off-road market. The competitive cross-country bikes are based on the TE platform, and carry with them race-proven technology straight from the Husqvarna World Enduro Championship bikes of factory racers such as Juha Salminen and Antoine Meo. The TXC line returns for 2012, with a host of premium upgrades such as Leo Vince exhaust (on 250/310) and revised Kayaba suspension components. In addition, 2012 also brings an entirely new model – the TXC310!

The TXC310 is based on Husqvarna’s existing TE310 dual-sport, but is all new to the TXC line of purebred off-roaders. A bored and stroked version of the 250 motor, the 302cc fuel-injected four-stroke offers more aggressive power characteristics than its quarter-liter sibling, and fills a significant gap in the current range of off-road bikes. For riders looking for robust power delivery that can run with the 450s, and still provide lightweight maneuvering of a 250, the all-new TXC310 is the ideal tool for the job.

Joining the 310 in the 2012 lineup are the TXC250 and TXC511. All three models receive a new all-black chromoly frame, reinforced for higher rigidity and improved tensile strength. New technology and the addition of select new reinforcements give the 250/310 TXCs an entirely new feel – one that is sure to impress even the most demanding off-road riders. The reworked frame not only provides better handling capabilities, but also substantially improves long-term durability.

Further chassis upgrades include the Kayaba shock – which replaces the Sachs shock on the 250. The existing Kayaba shock on the 511 receives a new progressive spring, as well as revised damping, allowing it to provide a plusher ride without sacrificing any mid-stroke capability. Up front, the TXC line features premium Kayaba suspension on all three bikes. The 48mm closed-cartridge fork receives revised damping, making the TXC more capable than ever of tackling tough terrain while providing a supple ride for everyone to the casual trail rider to aggressive cross-country racer.

In the power department, the TXC250 is markedly improved, as well. Husqvarna focused on gaining maximum performance from the 2012 TXC250, and heavily revised the fuel injection system for optimum power output. An all-new Leo Vince exhaust system and revised ignition timing allow the 249.5cc fuel-injected powerplant to run stronger and churn out bigger power. The 6-speed gearbox allows the TXC250 and 310 to stretch their ponies across a wide spectrum, making both bikes willing accomplices in a variety of off-road terrain.

The TXC511 remains the open-class off-road specialist. The California green-sticker-legal four-stroke features a fuel-injected 477.5cc motor, revised and fine-tuned for 2012 to smooth out power delivery. The dual-flap ignition system is re-tuned to improve low-end power, resulting in an overall better-running bike. Like its TE counterpart, the TXC511 receives a new single-piece tail section, simplified to improve aesthetics and function. Ergonomics are significantly improved with the narrower tail piece, which is also 15mm shorter than last year’s.

The Kayaba shock body on the TXC511 remains unchanged, but the use of the new progressive spring creates more initial sag and allows the rear end to ride slightly lower. Altering the geometry helps refine the overall balance, and noticeably improves the handling characteristics of the TXC511. Husqvarna’s patented CTS (Coaxial Traction System) works in ideal harmony with the refined suspension components, continuing to provide incredible climbing ability and unparalleled straight-line stability.

TXC Key Features
* New all-black chromoly frame with higher rigidity and improved strength.
* Kayaba suspension front and rear.
* New 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge fork re-valved with stiffer settings.
* Silver Excel rims.
* New style IPD (in-mold plastic design) graphics.

* All-new Leo Vince exhaust system flows more freely and increases power.
* Reworked ignition timing further improves power output.
* New Kayaba shock (formerly Sachs).
* Adjustable handlebar clamps offer two different offset positions.
* Red sticker designation in California.

* All-new model for 2012!
* Race-inspired Leo Vince exhaust system.
* 302cc four-stroke motor bored and stroked from TXC250 motor platform.
* Kayaba suspension tuned specifically for demands of U.S. off-road competition.
* Red sticker designation in California.

* Kayaba shock receives progressive shock spring.
* Handling improved with revised shock, designed to harmonize with CTS to also retain its characteristic straight-line stability.
* Re-tuned dual-flap ignition system revised to improve low-end performance.
* Revised one-piece tail section is narrower for streamlined ergonomics.
* New WP radiators improve cooling capability.
* Green sticker designation in California.

WR Cross-country Overview
Husqvarna is proudly still mixing gas with the WR line of two-stroke motorcycles. The lightweight, carbureted WR comes in three different displacements – 125, 250 and 300cc. Husky’s small-bore two-stroke returns to its 125cc legendary roots, and for those looking that ever-critical 19cc advantage – great news! Every WR125 comes with a 144cc top-end kit, complete with cylinder and piston, free of charge.

The WR’s are suspended by a Kayaba fork and Sachs shock combo, and feature the same cutting-edge look of the black frames, silver rims and new graphics shared with the rest of the ’12 Husqvarna line.

Key Features
* WR125 returns to Husqvarna’s two-stroke line.
* 144cc top-end kit comes with WR125 free of charge.
* New chromoly frame now black in color.
* Silver Excel rims.
* Striking red and black color scheme with new IPD graphics.

Watch for more information to come on the complete line of 2012 Husqvarna off-road motorcycles, including the TE dual purpose and the TC/CR motocross models, all of which have some significant changes in store for the new model year.

Corona, CA – Center stage at STAPLES Center, live on ESPN and the talk of downtown Los Angeles… no it’s not Kobe Bryant – it’s EnduroCross making its X Games debut! Zip-Ty Husqvarna was there with riders Jamie Lanza and Ryan Sandoval getting in on the action.

Zip-Ty Husqvarna heavy hitter Cory Graffunder had a practice crash the week before X Games 17, and unfortunately broke a bone in his right wrist (scaphoid) and was unable to compete. Graffunder was devastated to miss out on the action, but showed up to support his teammates in the grandest spotlight the AMA EnduroCross series has ever received.

“This was a huge weekend for off-road racing and I’m just so stoked to be a part of it,” Jamie Lanza commented. “The night didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but it’s hard to be disappointed when we all put on such a great show. Everyone’s really stoked and we’re all hoping we’ll have a chance to come back next year.”

Ryan “Sandypants” Sandoval got some bonus airtime on “ESPN RISE,” a segment of Sports Center dedicated to showcasing up and coming high school athletes. Sandoval was featured in the July 21 edition of the show in a clip at the end, showing him practicing EnduroCross for the upcoming X Games 17 on his Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna. Click here to view.

“The track was amazing given the time they had to put it together,” Sandoval commented. “It wasn’t that technical to start off, but once they filled the pool with water everything just kept getting wetter and wetter. It was so slippery and sketchy by the end of the night, but I guess it made for some entertaining racing!”

A third Husqvarna racer – Mandi Mastin – made the trip out west for X Games 17, which hosted a Women’s race during the program. The GNCC champion, National Enduro Champion and International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) Women’s World Cup champion scored an invite to the inaugural event, and even though it took place on the day before Mastin was scheduled to fly to Finland for her tenth ISDE, she still found time to represent Husqvarna at X Games!

“That was insane,” Mandi said. “But I had such a blast. It’s just so amazing to be here. ESPN and all the X Games crew are amazing to work with and they treat the athletes so incredibly well. It’s been a fun weekend, and now I’m heading straight for Finland!”

“This was a truly ground-breaking event for everyone,” National Marketing Manager Corey Eastman said. “Not just for Zip-Ty Husqvarna, but for EnduroCross and the entire off-road community. There was such a huge buzz at the X Games all weekend about EnduroCross, and people were really blown away by it. I’m so proud of all our riders and the Husqvarna team for capitalizing on this amazing opportunity.”

Casey Folks, director of Best In The Desert, was overjoyed to announce that Husqvarna Motorcycles North America was the new “Official Motorcycle” of Best In The Desert. Casey stated, “Husqvarna has a great and storied history in off-road desert racing and we’re extremely proud to have them on board.” Folks also has a personal and long history with Husky as well. Not only did Casey race and win on them for years, he and his motorcycle dealership, Sportsman Cycle Sales, are the fifth oldest Husqvarna dealer in the U.S. He even has eight fully restored vintage Huskies on display at Sportsman Cycle Sales in Las Vegas. Casey went on to say, “To have Husqvarna join us to reestablish their incredible desert racing heritage is really something special to me.”

Corey Eastman, National Marketing Manager for Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, said, “We are excited to be associated with the leading desert race series in the United States, Best In The Desert. Husqvarna has had tremendous success over the last several decades with podium finishes in major events worldwide.” More than $12 million in contingency awards is available at racing events throughout the country this season. He continued, “Husqvarna is committed to those who choose to ride Huskies. The “Ride More” concept creates an overall racing program that supports both top Pros and average Joes, which was our main goal for 2011! Our “Ride More” concept has found a new home with the racers and fans of the Best In The Desert races.”

Husqvarna’s first event as the “Official Motorcycle” of Best In The Desert will be the upcoming TSCO “Vegas to Reno” race, August 18-20, 2011.

Best In The Desert official sponsors: Ford Motor Company – official truck, General Tire – official tire, Lucas Oil – official oil, VP Racing Fuels – official fuel, KC HiLiTES – official light, John Deere – official UTV, Husqvarna – official motorcycle, Fabtech – Official Suspension, Fall Advertising, Prerunner Maniac, McKenzies, PCI Race Radios, Azunia Tequila, and Sportsman Cycle Sales.