Robby-Bell-Off-Road-Baja-500-6-5-13I’ve come to the realization that I am rarely in my life more focused and aware of my current reality than when I’m on a race bike in Baja. In those moments, nothing else exists; it can’t exist. There is too much at stake to allow my mind to wander. Around any corner, blind rise, or cloud of dust awaits an obstacle be it a vehicle, horse, cow, dog, person, rock, or ditch that I need to be prepared for. Failure to be prepared, present in the moment with unabated focus, can lead to unforgiving consequences. Consequences anyone who has ever raced in Baja is very familiar with.

Perhaps that’s part of the draw of the experience.

In the current form of reality we all experience on a daily basis, complete with endless distractions, experiencing a complete focus, an unyielding awareness of the current moment, is quite a novelty. But in Baja it’s a requirement; It demands this of each rider, each team member, chase driver, even spectator. In its own way, it produces an altered state of consciousness, a heightened state rarely experienced these days, and I believe that’s part of what keeps racers and team members flocking south of the border: the novelty of that experience.

KTM 7x Bike Out of 2010 Baja 1000 After posing a serious threat to the Honda dominance at the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, the Bonanza Plumbing/FMF/KTM Off-Road Racing Team appears to be out of the race.

After Ivan Ramirez started the first stretch of the race, David Pearson jumped on the bike at the KTM pit at roughly race mile 183 near San Felipe. After getting about three miles into his section the motor blew. The news was confirmed by the team.