Pack of jeepsMassive sand dunes are no match for these hopped-up Jeeps.

HIlls and treesAs if the hill wasn’t challenging enough!

3 wheeled utvWhen parts start flying, most UTV drivers shut it down but not this guy.

Vintage Motorcycle hillclimb
We’re not sure what’s more entertaining – the banjo music in the background of this vintage video or the looks on the faces of riders trying to make it up the Widowmaker motorcycle hill climb.  Either way, our hat is off to these valiant soldiers for doing battle on, shall we say, sub-par equipment.  Ride on men. Ride on!

GNCC Hillclimb
GNCC spectators are a unique bunch.  They’re known for getting a little bit rowdy and will occasionally find themselves in harms way.  That being said, and as you can see in this video, they are always eager to lend a helping hand to a struggling racer. This GNCC ATV Hillclimb is a perfect representation of how crazy, chaotic and awesome a GNCC race can be.

Choir Boy feature
In case you’re unfamiliar with the growing sport of Formula Off-Road, it basically consists of over-the-top off-road vehicles competing on over-the-top off-road courses. The courses consist unbelievably difficult hillclimbs, technical sections that test a driver’s skills and even water crossings.

Choirboy is one of the most dominating drivers in the sport today, and you can watch him and his 700+ horsepower Formula Off-Road buggy do work on this course.

Lawn Dart
We’ve been getting acquainted with some of the names and faces of the Southern Rack Racing Series as of late.  There’s no doubt these folks can drive, not to mention build some incredible off-road vehicles. While we’ll never hesitate to tip our hat to any of the drivers, from the looks of this video, Tim Cameron was a little overzealous in his first attempt at this hill climb.

Check out the video below: