El Cajon, CA – Bink Designs is proud to support the Competition 1400 Series and will be offering contingency support to racers that compete with a chance to win $2,500 in Bink Designs “HARD CASH” and possibly additional surprises throughout the season.

How to be eligible:
1. In order to qualify for contingency awards, the race truck must display Bink Designs 14″ decals prominently on each side of the truck during the race. Decals will be provided by Competition 1400 during tech/contingency.

2. Photos and Video: We strongly encourage teams to hashtag #binkdesigns or comment @binkdesigns and submit photos or video (with written consent from photographer/videographer) of their truck after the race for additional exposure on binkdesigns.com, social media outlets and additional promotional materials.

Alumi Craft racers Andrew Meyers and Ross Savage took their second win of 2013 beating 36 other class 1000 cars on a brutally tough Parker, Arizona racecourse. The Parker course is comprised of deep never-ending sand interrupted by harsh rocky sections that pound the cars for 425 miles.

“Ross drove the first part of the race,” said Andrew Meyers, “He was the 32nd car to leave the line and passed 18 other cars in the first 30 miles. On the second lap, we went 180 miles without stopping which put us into 5th. After a quick two minute driver change and a full tank of gas, we ran trouble free to the finish. Our Alumi Craft is so predictable in the corners and was working great in the high speed sections; we were able to put the hammer down.”

SAN DIEGO — Just as he said he would, Roger Norman continues to make changes to his new SCORE International desert racing organization and today announced his first of several anticipated first-time sponsors for the world’s foremost desert racing organization as Southern California’s King Shocks has been selected as the official shock absorber for SCORE.

Relatively new to the industry, King Shocks, founded in 1996 and based in Garden Grove, Calif., has rapidly risen to become a significant force in the sport of desert racing with a wide variety of products for all types of professional racing use. Leading the King family of racers is Las Vegas’ B.J. Baldwin, the 2012 SCORE Trophy Truck season point champion.

Jean, NV – The much-anticipated 2013 HDRA race season got underway with a thriller at the South Point Vegas 250 outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The frigid air on race morning did nothing to cool off the heated racing that took place out on the 62 mile long course. The course covered sandy washes, high-speed open desert and rocky mountain passes. The challenging layout had a little bit of everything to test drivers across the spectrum from the UTV’s to the blazing fast Trophy Trucks and unlimited Class one cars.

The fastest truck at the finish was Cameron Steele who took his Yokohama, Monster Energy, Lucas Oil Trophy Truck to the overall race victory. “My co-driver Tom Geviss and I knew we were going to be running a crazy fast pace,” said Cameron Steele, “We started on the first row next to the reigning HDRA Trophy Truck champ Ruben Ledezema and had BJ Baldwin and Brandon Arthur right behind in row two. We got out front on lap one and kept it on the pipe as the crew gave us constant updates, we knew BJ and the rest would be charging. We had a truck capable of running a torrid pace all day but when we were told BJ had mechanical problems, we backed off a little on the last lap. It was a great day in the desert for our team.

BJ Baldwin will be the fourth Trophy Truck off the line at the HDRA, Southpoint, Vegas 250. The South Point 250, January 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada will be the first race of the 2013 season that will count towards the World Championship of Desert Racing. The World Championship of Desert Racing consists of three rounds of racing in the U.S. at HDRA events and three rounds in Mexico racing the SCORE Desert series. The racers with the highest points totals in six races will be crowned the World Champion.

“We had a great time with the fans at the Monster Energy Supercross in Anaheim but now it’s time to race, we are ready to go,” said BJ, “I’m looking forward to racing for the World Championship of Desert Racing title. We will be racing my truck “Fedor” for this race. It favors high speed whoops and rutted turns. We will have the truck on the dyno to make some minor tuning adjustments and then do a last shakedown in the dirt. My King Shocks are dialed in so we will just be checking engine temperature and making sure everything is happy. It would have been nice to have qualifying for this race but starting fourth is ok. Our plan is to get out front early and set the pace.”

BJ just captured his fifth championship, his third in the SCORE series. He will be racing the full HDRA and SCORE series to compete for the World Championship of Desert Racing. He will also race the Mint 400 and hit the rocks at the King of the Hammers February 3-8 in Johnson Valley, California. “Winning Championships takes consistency,” says BJ, “Getting solid results early in the season is important. We aren’t racing the Southpoint 250 just to get our feet wet, we want to make the rest of the field chase us, let them try to play catch-up in the points race.”

With the recent news of Roger Norman acquiring the SCORE Desert Series and the formation of a World Championship of Desert Racing, Trophy Truck teams are scrambling to put plans in place for the 2013 season. The World Championship of Desert Racing consists of three rounds of racing in the US, at HDRA events and three rounds in Mexico racing the SCORE Desert series. Many SCORE racers are eager to add the HDRA races to their schedule in order to chase a World Championship crown.

“We are anxious to compete with our Red Bull Trophy Truck in an International series for a World Championship,” said 44 year racing veteran Gustavo Vildosola, “We are about to enter a new era. Roger Norman has experienced racing as a driver and a promoter. It gives him a totally different point of view. He has some great ideas that I think will revolutionize the sport. We look forward to competing in the World Championship series.”

As the 2012 HDRA series is still fresh in the minds of racers and fans, preparation is already underwayfor the 2013 season, which begins at the South Point Vegas 250 January 11-13. HDRA redefined offroad racing in 2012 offering racers and fans unique venues, exciting events and nonstop action. The level of competition was second to none.

We witnessed the emergence of Brandon Arthur at the Redline at Stateline race where he won his class in his first race. He won three more times on his way to the 1400 championship. Brandon accrued more points than any other HDRA racer in 2012.

HDRA listened to racers and fans in El Centro, California who were pleading for a return to organized racing at Plaster City. The diverse course layout took in every type of terrain available from deep sand and silt to rough and rocky hardpack. The entire town welcomed HDRA with open arms. A great time was had by all and the event gave a huge boost to the local economy.

Las Vegas, NV – After nearly 40 years of stewardship, SCORE International CEO Sal Fish has turned over control of the premiere desert racing series to businessman, Trophy Truck racer and race promoter Roger Norman.  SCORE International, originally founded by the late Mickey Thompson in 1973, is world renowned for its legendary races like the Baja 1000.

“It has been an incredible experience and lifestyle for all these years,” said Sal Fish, “It’s not often you have a chance to pass on your life’s work to someone who shares the same dedication and passion for the sport. It’s an emotional time for me and I would have never considered this if it were not for Roger, his wife and the team he has around him. I don’t know anyone who is better equipped to take offroad racing to the next level. Roger has some incredible plans; I am very excited for the future of our sport.”

The acquisition by Roger Norman allows the unification of the rules, technical inspection, class formats, car numbering and scoring systems between HDRA and SCORE that many racers have wished about for years. SCORE will operate under Hacienda Baja Racing, a Mexican company. SCORE and HDRA will remain independent but will share the same structure. Any car that passes SCORE technical inspection will also be HDRA legal and vice versa. Popular HDRA Classes like Heavy Metal will be added to the SCORE rulebook and every HDRA member will receive a SCORE rulebook. Co-Technical directors Jake Velasco and Art Savedra will each operate out of their own region; Art in Las Vegas, NV and Jake in San Diego, CA. Having two locations will make it much easier for racers going through the inspection process. “I’m excited to work with Art,” said Jake Velasco, “He took me under his wing when I started with HDRA and shared his many years of experience. By using a single set of rules, inspection will be consistent and much easier for everyone.”

High Desert Racing Association’s, (HDRA) “Rockin on the River” race held Nov. 9-11 in Laughlin, Nevada will cover 16.5 miles each lap on a unique course that hits every feature that racers and fans have come to love in Laughlin. Racers will cross Needles Highway and head out into the hills before jumping the big road-crossing coming back in. The high school jumps are there and the moon bumps will be run downhill. Gravity will be pushing them even faster through the bumps so picking the right line will be more critical than having big horsepower; a move that will add even more excitement in the limited classes. “We made sure the course would be as fun and challenging as possible,” said Robert Gross of HDRA, “We designed it to take in everything possible and added a few more surprises of our own.”

Several tough points battles will be settled at the race. Mike Mitchell will be going for three wins in a row and the Class 1 title. Josh Quintero looks to wrap up the Class 7 championship after three straight wins. Brandon Arthur will be putting the final stamp on his Class 1400 title and racing his new Open Truck that he will compete in next season.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., – The High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) put on a challenging 250-mile race on a hot summer night through the Southern Nevada desert. The 5-lap, 50-mile loop course offered up an array of terrain from flat out fast to technical mountain, canyons and was littered with deep pools of mud from the recent monsoons that hit the area earlier on in the week.

The race weekend started off Saturday morning with the Monster Energy Pit Crew Challenge. The Team MLR crew worked in a blistering speed changing out their Raceline wheel / Goodyear tire combo but a hiccup on a couple lug nuts forced Team MLR to settle for 2nd fastest for the day in the pit crew challenge.