Swift-Podium-GNCC-7-3-13Driving up into the mountains of West Virginia the weather was predicted to be wet with rain on Friday into the night and the track just as brutal as it ever has been. Coming into the last round before the summer break and realizing this round is historically the toughest in the series Team UXC Racings Michael Swift would prepare for the worst. The Can-Am Renegade Xxc had been specially prepped to take on the long high-speed sections as well as the many rock gardens littering the lower sections of the course.

“We started into the dirt from the paved section third in our class and passing to first place before the two mile marker.” Says Swift. Michael was also able to catch and pass the open class riders before the five-mile mark on the first lap to try and pull away just a little. The plan was to pit early to insure enough fuel in case of any possible mishap that could prevent a pit late in the race. The second lap around was the scheduled pit and with a brief stop for fuel the second place rider in the U2 class was able to slip by. After getting back out in front of his class Swift made a line choice that narrowed to much for the Renegade to squeeze through. This kept the Team UXC racer behind his competition but with a level head Swift was not worried, at least not yet.