When the dust settled after a long 2012 6-race Best In The Desert season, seven KC sponsored Dirt Tribe athletes sat at the top in their respective classes. No other lighting manufacturer even came close. Since 1970, when KC pretty much invented the off-road lighting industry, the top names in off-road racing have chosen KC HiLiTES to light their way to victory.

Leading the KC Dirt Tribe championship charge was the Trick Truck team of Steve Sourapas and Rob MacCachren in their Geiser Bros. built Ford truck. It was a tight battle that was finally settled at the Henderson “250” just south of Henderson, NV. Doing the driving duties at this race, Rob MacCachren started the weekend off right by winning the “Team Ford” Pole Award at the time trials. Starting in front, Rob fell briefly to second place on corrected time, but then reclaimed the lead to take first overall for the race and the Trick Truck Class Championship by a close 3 points margin of victory.

Flagstaff, AZ – Sean Geiser and his team are announcing their move from Off-Road short course to the Global RallyCross Championship for 2013.

Sean Geiser was driven to succeed at the top level, Sean was groomed to win as one of the Monster Energy Drink Team Green Kawasaki Motocross Riders, the most prestigious off road team at the time. After racing and competing against the best riders in the nation, Sean began to explore opportunities to race at a higher level that would keep him out of the hospital. Through 2009 and 2010 Sean advanced to an Unlimited Prolite truck to compete in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Sean has been called “the hottest driver in the series” by the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in 2010.

Sean and his team are putting together a strong program to compete at the highest levels in the Global RallyCross Championship and are in current discussions with a number of corporate sponsors and manufactures for his 2013 endeavors and will announce his official partners in coming months. His long time motorsports marketing agency, Drive Motorsports International will be continuing to consult with the young talent and as always ensuring all of his partners are achieving the most progressive results possible.

Sean’s list of accomplishments also includes multiple podium finishes and Rookie of the year and an endorsement deal with LOSI RC Vehicles to have a Sean Geiser LOSI Edition RC Truck and Rally Car that is available internationally. Sean has spent the last few seasons as a driver for the world famous Geiser Bros., the global leader in off road race truck manufacturing. His versatile talent, which translates to any race car, has created broad international appeal with media and fans. Now Sean is bringing his passion and personality to the Global RallyCross Championship and X-Games RallyCross with one goal: To win in the fastest growing racing series in the US and compete for a driver championship in a top-level racing series.

Twenty of the 33 Trick Trucks entered in the 2012 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker “425”, February 3rd thru 5th, have signed up to take part in this year’s Trick Truck Challenge. This will be the second year for the Trick Truck Challenge that saw over $134,000 in bonus money paid out in 2011. To be eligible for the year-long Challenge, Trick Truck teams must be signed up by the Parker “425” race.

Casey Folks, Director of Best In The Desert, announced, “As of January 25th, 20 of the top Trick Truck teams in the world have signed up for the second year of the exciting Best in the Desert $120,000 Trick Truck Challenge. That’s right – one hundred and twenty thousand dollars paid back 100% to the racers. A special bonus purse will be paid out to the top three participating Trick Truck finishers at each of the six Best In The Desert races as well as the year-end bonus. The special Trick Truck Challenge Cup Trophy will also be awarded at the end of the year to the overall winning team.” Folks continued, “No other off-road racing organization has a program like the Best in the Desert Trick Truck Challenge. I’ve always said, either lead, follow or get out of our way and Best in the Desert is in the lead!”

$10,000 will be paid to 1st, $6,000 to 2nd and $3,000 to 3rd for each of six races for a total of $19,000 per race. An additional $10,000 will go to 1st place, $4,000 for 2nd and $2,000 for 3rd in the final year-end standings. Plus another $44,000 in year-end bonus has been posted from sponsors TSCO, Camburg Engineering, Jimco Racing, Geiser Bros., MasterCraft and Racer Engineering.

San Luis Obispo, CA – The Canidae Off Road Race team is putting the final touches on the #95 Trophy Truck for the 2011, Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno Off Road Race. This amazing event is the longest off road race in the United States at well over 500 bone-jarring miles. “Just to finish this epic race is a huge accomplishment, but we’re looking for more than that,” said co-driver Scott Gailey who continued “the Canidae crew has been working hard, the truck is ready and we’re coming in prepared to win it.”

The Canidae Team’s 800 HP 454 CI Dougan small block Chevy Trophy Truck is sporting a new paint scheme by RADesigns for the historic race and completed final performance testing on August 11 to ensure the truck is in prime condition.

Starting in the desert heat of Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday August 19th, 150 plus competitors will begin the long trek north along Highway 95 all the way to Reno, Nevada. During the race, they will endure high temperatures, severe dust, sharp rocks and much more as they make their way to the finish line. Racers even get a close-up view of infamous Area 51 before climbing up to over 8000 feet in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. For racers managing to get to the halfway point of the race, the second half becomes an all out sprint to the finish. Smooth graded roads take the place of rough washes as these talented drivers throw these huge trucks around like rally cars.

LIVE BLOGGING ANNOUNCEMENT: Race fans can follow the Canidae team’s progress before and during the race by visiting www.canidaeracing.com for photos and reports direct from the team, and for up-to-the-minute race course mapping for speed and position during the race.

Canidae Racing is supported by Canidae Pet Foods, Lucas Oil, BFGoodrich Tires, Magnaflow Exhaust, KC HiLites, Torco Race Fuels, Tap It Brewing, JE Pistons, Fox Race Shox, Geiser Bros. Design & Development, K&N Air Filters, Racepak, CalTex Freight, McKenzies, Specialty Fasteners, XRP Hoses and Fittings, Norco Tires, and GET Performance.

Photo credit Mike Wilson Photography.

San Luis Obispo, CA, May 27, 2011 – When the Canidae Pet Foods Off Road team decided to compete in the Trophy Truck class, they built their tough-as-nails truck with one track in mind… Baja! The Tecate SCORE Baja 500 is a magical place where legends are made and hearts are broken, along with expensive machinery.
The 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world, will take Team Canidae over 500 miles of the roughest terrain that Baja has to offer this coming June 4th. Starting in Ensenada, Mexico the course will run through the scenic wine country then down to the desolate Valley de Trinidad where temperatures can reach 115 degrees. Things begin to cool down as they head toward the Pacific Ocean and then back to Ensenada. Team Canidae will have to battle more than 40 other Trophy Trucks as well as Mother Nature and Baja itself.

LIVE BLOGGING ANNOUNCEMENT: Race fans can visit www.canidaeracing.com during the race to follow the Canidae Trophy Truck Team’s progress with live reports and photos coming in from the field as mobile service allows. Don’t miss a second of the action!
Next up for Team Canidae is the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race this August 17-21 in Nevada.
Canidae Racing would not be able to compete at this level if not for the support of their sponsors including Canidae Pet Foods, Lucas Oil, BFGoodrich Tires, Magnaflow, KC HiLites, Torco Race Fuels, Tap It Brewing Co., JE Pistons, Fox Race Shox, Geiser Bros., K&N Air Filters, Racepak Data Systems, CalTex Freight, McKenzies, Specialty Fasteners, XRP Hoses and Fittings, Norco Tires, and RSP Shock Prep.
Photo credit Mike Wilson Photography.

Before a hometown crowd, Jacob Person put on a display of dirt track dominance that had his orange-shirted cheering section out of their seats and shouting themselves hoarse, as he knocked down back-to-back wins for the SuperLite Championship Round 3 and 4 weekend at Speedworld Off Road Park.

Piloting the Geiser Bros. Design and Development-sponsored SuperLite race truck, Person swept the podium’s top spot in front of a packed stadium. He led a group of three racers who are establishing themselves as the next generation of off-road stars — RJ Anderson, Chad George and CJ Greaves — to take the two wins.

“Two in a row couldn’t get any better. I got the first position right in the first corner, and you know, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Everybody’s helped me get to this point… Mickey Thompson Tires hooked up, gave me the drive right away. I mean nobody else even had anything else for me. SuperLite Series is putting on the best of the best,” said Person.

Person’s wins this weekend were the first of his SuperLite career. His dominance at Speedworld was a remarkable turnaround from his 10th and 12th place finishes in rounds one and two, landing him in the hunt for the overall points championship with 12 races remaining in the season.

San Luis Obispo, CA – The Canidae Racing Team, in their newly redesigned 2011 Trophy Truck, was able to turn in a hard-fought finish in the 2011 Parker 425 Best in the Desert race in Arizona this past weekend.

The race began Saturday with a total of three 142-mile laps across the treacherous Arizona desert. More than 30 teams competed in the elite Trick Truck (aka Trophy Truck) class, with only a portion of those teams making it across the finish line.

While the team’s newly installed 800 HP 454 CI Dougan small block Chevy performed flawlessly, the truck flew into a canyon and sustained some damage. After having been pulled out by the generous crew of the TSCO truck, team Canidae went to work and got the Trophy Truck back to racing condition in record time and was able to complete the race.

With the 2011 BlueWater Resort Parker “425” coming up at the start of February, Casey Folks announced a large payout for the Trick Truck class at the race.

“To date, more than 23 of the best Trick Truck teams in the world have signed up for an exciting new racing challenge we just created –  The  Best in the Desert $134,000 Trick Truck Challenge Cup,” Folks said. “That’s right – one hundred and thirty thousand dollars paid back 100% to the racers. Most of the leading Trick Truck teams from all over the world have already signed up to participate in this exciting inaugural program for 2011. The coveted Trick Truck Challenge Cup Trophy will be awarded at the end of the year to only One Team.”

Here are the details….

1)  Each Trick Truck team must pay $5,000 before the BlueWater Resort Parker “425”

2)  The $5,000 is 100% paid back to the Trick Truck class

3)  10% of the $5,000 will go towards the year-end Trick Truck Challenge Cup Bonus Money.

4)  The Challenge Cup money will be paid out 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place, per race for five (5) races.

• $12,000 to first    • $6,000 to second   •  $3,600 to third   ($21,600 Per Race!)

5)  The Year-End bonus money will be paid out 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place.

6)   Only the trucks that sign up for the Trick Truck Challenge Cup by the BlueWater Resort Parker “425” are eligible for the  challenge cup money.

7)   Additional Sponsor Funds dedicated to an additional Bonus Money payout at year end includes:

1) Jesse Jones – $5,000

2) TSCO – $5,000

3) Jimco – $2,000 – plus an additional $2,000 bonus if a Jimco truck wins 1st Overall year-end

4)  Geiser Bros. – $2,000 – plus an additional $2,000 bonus if a Geiser bros. truck wins 1st Overall year-end

5) MasterCraft – $2,000 – if the Trick Truck Overall year-end Winner is running MasterCraft seats

Racers Signed up as of 1-18-2011

1)            Steve Sourapas #6

2)            Jesse Jones #76

3)            Kevin McGillivray #56

4)            Steve Olliges & John Swift #28

5)            Jerry Zaiden #75

6)           Rick D. Johnson #71

7)            Mark Weyhrich #9

8)            Rich Voss #35

9)            Steve Strobel #94

10)          Gerg Nunley #10

11)          Marc Ewing #68

12)          Jimmy Nuckles  48

13)                   Craig Potts #59

14)                   Ed Stout #13

15)                   BJ Baldwin #1

16)                   Shawn Croll #32

17)                   Steve Croll #33

18)                   Tim Herbst #19

19)                   Troy Herbst #49

20)                   Lloyd Sproule #65

21)                   Charley McDowell #72

22)                   Rob MacCachren #30

23)                   Rick Thomas #53

24)                   Scott Whipple #95

Folks continued, “No other off-road race organization has a program like the Best in the Desert Trick Truck Challenge Cup. As The American Adventure Continues, watch for more exciting announcements for 2011. I’ve always said, either lead or get out of our way and Best in the Desert is in the lead!”

Recognized by racers and fans alike as the best-run off-road racing series in America, stay tuned to Best In The Desert at www.bitd.com for more details.  Best In The Desert official sponsors: Ford Motor Company – official truck, General Tire – official tire, Lucas – official oil, VP Racing Fuels – official fuel, KC HiLiTES – official light, John Deere – official UTV, KTM – official motorcycle, FabTech – Official Suspension, Fall Advertising, Prerunner Maniac, McKenzies, PCI Race Radios, and Sportsman Cycle Sales.

Next event is the BlueWater Resort Parker “425” February 4-6, 2011, in Parker, Arizona.

Further information available from: www.bitd.com