GE-Nighthawk-LED-10-31-13EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers alike can benefit from the long life, durability and exceptional visibility available with GE Lighting’s latest LED sealed beam headlight technology. Delivering a robust, rugged headlight that thrives in even in the toughest of conditions and terrain, GE NIGHTHAWK™ LED headlights are rated to last for 15,000 hours and draw less amperage than standard halogen headlights.

“Undergoing GE’s thorough engineering and testing procedures to deliver high-quality performance, NIGHTHAWK LEDs offer a rugged headlight solution that is ideal for the rough landscapes that off-road drivers typically encounter,” said Parm Girn, North American automotive product manager with GE Lighting.” By utilizing NIGHTHAWK LED headlights, outdoor enthusiasts can pursue late-night adventures without worry of headlight failure and dimness.”