UTV Backflip
It’s amazing to think that not all that long ago, a backflip on a motorcycle seemed impossible.  Fast forward a few years and athletes are flipping just about everything with wheels and a motor, including UTVs! This guy looks to have the Polaris RZR Backflip dialed!

Coming up short
If you ask anyone who’s ever hit an FMX ramp they will tell you there’s a steep learning curve (pun intended). We’ve seen Derek Guetter build quite a name for himself as one of the leading ATV freestyle motocross riders in the world, but even Derek has his bad days.

FMX Fail
Whether it’s a backflip, a front flip or even just a standard superman, we tip our hat to any of the brave souls who are willing to risk life and limb by riding freestyle motocross. Becoming disconnected from your machine in mid air is every FMX rider’s greatest fear, and this poor guy missed his grab holds and suffered the consequences of a serious FMX fail (#fridayfail).  Hopefully he walked away from it.

Tom Pages
If ever a person were to take the biggest FMX tricks from the course of history and combine them into a single run, this has got to be it. Watch as Tom Pages completes an insane line complete with front flips, body varials, a double backflip and more.

ESPN, creator of the X Games, announced today it will bring the X Games to Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil; Munich, Germany and Barcelona, Spain beginning in 2013. Those cities will join Aspen, Colo.; Los Angeles, Calif. and Tignes, France to host the X Games in an effort to expand globally. With relevance to contemporary youth around the world, this expansion is a transformation from an action sports competition brand into an action sports lifestyle brand that will highlight new locations and enhanced cultural and digital elements around the world.

ESPN conducted a formal bid process starting last May which resulted in significant interest from locations around the world that bid to host one of three new events (which join Los Angeles, Aspen and Tignes).  Beginning today, local organizing committees for Foz do Iguaçu (pronounced Fawz Day Ig wah soo), Munich and Barcelona will collaborate with ESPN for the next three years to bring the premier action sports event to their cities, launching an annual, six-event X Games calendar  – four of which will be summer events and two winter.

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Brian Deegan claimed two Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series championships driving his Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to the Pro 2 Unlimited Championship and his Ford Ranger to the Pro Lite Unlimited title.  Deegan won a combined 12 races en route to the championships and tallied 21 podiums.

“It has been a really good season,” said Deegan. “I am so blessed when I just think about the position I am in life. What a year. I don’t know if I will ever be able to top it as far as sports. Ford backed me the whole way and I had to produce.  I had to show Ford I could win, and we did. X games and two championships here in Lucas Oil including Pro 2 in my rookie year as well as a lot of records set. It was a tough race, this last one, but this is about a whole season and I am just pumped. It has been a great year.”

“Ford has an long and storied history in off road truck racing from the deserts of Dakar to the brutality of Baja and from the Rough Riders to the recent success of The General, Brian Deegan,” said Jamie Allison, Director Ford Racing. “Together, Brian and Ford have had a phenomenal season in 2011 winning gold at X Games and dominating his Lucas Oil Off-Road programs.  We are proud to be able to call him a Ford champion.”

Deegan reclaims the Pro Lite Unlimited title that he won in 2009 and lost by 13 points in 2010. He also claims the highly competitive Pro 2 Unlimited championship in his rookie season of Pro 2 Unlimited.

A legend in freestyle motocross, Brian Deegan took a risky step as an action sport athlete three years ago embracing four wheels as he launched a Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series program and started his rallycross career. Deegan’s quest has resulted in a banner year in 2011 with a pair of LOORRS titles in to go with the X Games 17 RallyCross gold he won in July.  Deegan also received an invitation to the Race of Champions in Germany where he competed with racing champions like Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

“I feel like the true test of an athlete in this day and age is someone who can be a champion in multiple disciplines,” said Deegan. “I have been fortunate in my career with great partners like Rockstar and Ford who have given me opportunities to expand my career into other disciplines.”

For Ford Racing’s action motorsports program Deegan’s latest championships wrap up a successful 2011 season which the program accounted for seven championships.

* Tanner Foust, Ford Fiesta – Global RallyCross Super Rally Championship
* Tanner Foust, Ford Fiesta – Global RallyCross RallyCross Championship
* Tanner Foust, Ford Fiesta – Global RallyCross Championship Overall Champion
* Brian Deegan, Ford Fiesta – X Games RallyCross Champion
* Ford Motor Company – Global RallyCross Championship Manufacturers Champion
* Brian Deegan, Ford F-150 Raptor – Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro 2 Unlimited Champion
* Brian Deegan, Ford Ranger – Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro Lite Unlimited

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop proudly extends its congratulations to the 15 Dunlop-sponsored riders who won medals at X Games 17: Matt Buyten, Ronnie Renner, Myles Richmond, Mike Mason, Ronnie Faisst, Dany Torres, Jeremy Stenberg, Todd Potter, Jarryd McNeil, Cameron Sinclair, Vicki Golden, Tarah Gieger, Livia Lancelot, Mike Brown and Justin Soule. A mixture of Freestyle, Motocross and Endurocross motorcycle events thrilled spectators at the Staples Center on July 28-31, and out of a possible 24 medals up for grabs, Dunlop riders won 18. In addition, Dunlop riders swept the Moto X Step Up, Moto X Best Whip, Moto X Speed and Style, and Women’s Moto X events.

Buyten set a new world record on his Dunlop-equipped motorcycle in the Step Up competition, soaring over the bar at 37 feet to capture his fourth X Games gold and second-consecutive Moto X Step Up gold. Renner was awarded the silver medal after clearing 36.5 feet, while Richmond finished with the bronze, leaping 35.5 feet. X Games veteran Adams nabbed his first gold of the games in the Speed and Style competition—Mason took silver and Faisst bronze—before going on to win gold medal number two in the Freestyle competition. Spaniard Torres won bronze.

The Best Whip contest is always a crowd favorite as fans get the opportunity to vote via text for their favorite whip. Fans voted Stenberg the gold medal winner while defending gold medalist Potter earned the silver and McNeil secured the bronze. Defending Best Trick gold medalist Australian rider Sinclair won silver after executing a knack-knack double backflip in this year’s contest.

Golden won her first X Games gold medal by winning the Women’s Moto X aboard her Dunlop-fitted Kawasaki race machine, while X Games 14 gold medalist Gieger secured the silver medal and France’s Lancelot secured the bronze. Gieger scored her second silver medal of the games by finishing runner-up in the first-ever Women’s Enduro X event.

Dunlop-sponsored World Off Road Championship (WORCS) rider Mike Brown had a memorable first X Games, winning the silver medal in the debut Moto X Enduro X event, while two-time WORCS champion Justin Soule finished with the bronze.

“It’s great to see the Dunlop riders doing such a fine job at X Games 17 and winning 75 percent of the medals,” said Broc Glover, Senior Manager, Motorcycle Off-Road. “X Games event coverage reaches a huge television audience and attracts a vast crowd of spectators over the four days of competition. At such a high-visibility event and with the pressure of such a large audience watching, everyone performed tremendously aboard their Dunlop-equipped motorcycles at this prestigious annual event.”

Los Angeles, CA – It just wouldn’t be X Games without a good dose of Travis, would it? He’s busier than ever with his Nitro Circus Live show, NASCAR racing, rally racing and Freestyle motocross, but extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana is always sure to be found at the ESPN X Games ( tickets on sale now). He’s not an easy guy to pin down, but in the midst of navigating through LA traffic, Travis phoned in to talk about the upcoming X Games 17 and what he has in store for STAPLES Center fans this weekend.

What events are you going to be doing at X Games 17?
Um, that’s a great question. The first one is best trick [on Thursday] and if I don’t get too hurt there I’ll probably be doing Freestyle X on Friday. Then on Saturday I have to fly back to Indianapolis for the Nationwide NASCAR race. Then I’m going to fly back on Sunday for the Rally event. That’s the plan… unless I’m really hospitalized. [laughs]

The word is you’re going to be attempting your signature “Toilet Paper roll” trick again for Moto X Best Trick. Is that the plan?
Yeah. [laughs] It’s basically a 720. We’ll see how that goes. It’s a lot of mass rotating in a lot of different directions. You have to launch with the same pull for the double backflip and then you have to translate that energy into a spin and then somehow try to land it. I’ve been practicing a lot but right now I’d say it’s about 50/50 [whether I land it or not]. We’ll see how it goes!