MURRIETA, California – After recovering from a shoulder injury he sustained in May, Factory FMF/KTM rider Kurt Caselli announced he will be taking the rest of the summer off to have minor arthroscopic knee surgery to repair his meniscus.

“My shoulder is getting better, but the summer is the best time to take a few weeks off to fix the tear in my meniscus. I’m bummed to be missing X-Games, but I look forward to getting back to racing after the summer break,” commented Caselli.

Caselli plans to return to his regular racing schedule at the conclusion of the summer break.

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (May 14, 2012) – MX Sports Pro Racing and the National Promoters’ Group (NPG) announce the 2012 Amateur Days schedule that will run in conjunction with the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. Amateur racing has long been the core of motocross in America, featuring the future stars of Lucas Oil Motocross and offering fans over the years a rare chance to catch a glimpse of future stars like Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard and many more.

Whether it’s fulfilling the thrill of competition or simply enjoying a ride on the sport’s premier racetracks, motocross enthusiasts from all over the country can get their fix. In some cases, the same hallowed ground that will host the sport’s biggest names will be open to the public.

“Motocross is a family sport and the Amateur Day Program emphasizes that,” said MX Sports President Davey Coombs. “On any given weekend, hundreds of young riders and their families come to the track together and, more often that not, compete together simply out of love for the sport, and also a chance to be a part of the big show.”

The 2012 Amateur Day schedule will begin on Thursday, May 17, during the opening weekend of the season at the FMF Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento. From there, amateurs from all over the country will have the one-of-a-kind chance to ride the same track as the Lucas Oil Motocross athletes during a National weekend for the remaining 11 rounds of the season.

The 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will commence this weekend, kicking off on May 19 with the legendary FMF Hangtown Motocross Classic.

Tickets for all 12 rounds of the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship can be found at

Springville, IN – Factory FMF/KTM rider Kailub Russell collected his fourth win of the season at the sixth round of the GNCC Series at the series newest Indiana venue.

Russell earned a mid-pack start behind his teammate, Charlie Mullins, who rounded the first lap in 2nd place. Russell quickly moved through the pack and soon found himself battling with Mullins for the lead. The two riders quickly pulled from the rest of the pack while swapping for the lead through the first half of the race.

On the fourth lap while battling for the lead, Mullins encountered a mechanical issue at the farthest point of the 10.5 mile course. His team rushed to him in order to provide assistance. He eventually received the help he needed but found himself one lap down and in 13th place when he reentered the course. With two laps left to make up positions, he set to work. He eventually made up two more positions and finished 11th overall for the day.

Meanwhile, Russell began to pull a larger lead over the XC1 class as each lap progressed. At the end of the 7 lap race he finished over a minute ahead of the 2nd place ride of Paul Whibley. Russell’s win moved him up in the overall point standings. Now six rounds into the series, he is tied for the championship points lead with Whibley.

KTM XC2 rider Steward Baylor suffered his first loss of the series. After working his KTM to the front of the pack from a bad start he suffered a mechanical issue while leading that cost him a lap. He eventually returned to the racing action and was able to salvage a 10th place result. Baylor still maintains a comfortable lead in the series point standings.

Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg dominated the Women’s GNCC class once again. She walked away with her sixth win of the series to remain undefeated in the Women’s class. “It feels great to get another win,” remarked Forsberg. “The goal is to go undefeated in the women’s class and also capture the overall win the in the morning class. The team is behind me 100% and I believe both goals are within reach.”

Union, SC – Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg captured her fourth win in the Women’s GNCC class to remain undefeated in the series at the fourth round of the GNCC Series dubbed the Big Buck GNCC.

Forsberg got a great start and led every lap of the competition to claim her fourth victory. Her margin of victory was an impressive five minutes and fifty-one seconds. Forsberg also landed on the overall podium for the second race in a row.

“My goal this year is to overall the morning class,” remarked Forsberg. “I came close at the third round just missing it by four seconds and today I got third. I am hoping a can make it happen at the next round.”

Next Event: Park City, KY – April 29, 2012

Overall Results Women’s Class
1.    Maria Forsberg
2.    Ashley Copeland
3.    Hannah Otto
4.    Emily Raines
5.    Leeann Bange
6.    Rebecca Sheets
7.    Jordon Milbauer
8.    Rachel Gutish
9.    Allie Spurgeon
10.    Samantha Steiner
11.    Mandi Mastin
12.    Samantha Fisher
13.    Dawn Silvia
14.    Sarah Baldwin

Overall Points Women’s Class
1.    Maria Forsberg – 80
2.    Hannah Otto – 71
3.    Leeann Bange – 61

Johnson Valley, CA – Factory FMF/KTM rider Kurt Caselli was crowned the 2011 AMA National Hare & Hound Champion, a title he was able to wrap up one round early after finishing second overall at this weekend’s event.

Caselli got off to a third place start at the beginning of the race. He quickly moved into second position behind early leader Kendall Norman. “I knew going into this race that I just had to finish ahead of David Pearson and I would be able to win the championship, so my goal was to ride my own race and focus on making no mistakes and staying ahead of David,” remarked Caselli.

Caselli remained close to the lead ride of Kendall Norman throughout the entirety of the race but was unable to make a pass. “Every time I closed in on Kendall the dust would get so thick it was impossible for me to pass without taking a big risk of crashing. I didn’t want to take those chances knowing the championship was on the line,” stated Caselli.

Check out Coverage of the Race Here

The KTM rider went on to finish second overall for the day approximately 30 seconds behind Norman. His second place result secured him the championship title for the 2011 season. Destry Abbott went on to finish third, Jacob Argubright fourth and David Pearson in fifth place.

“We are very proud of Kurt,” commented Factory FMF/KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen. “He has worked very hard this season toward winning this championship and we are excited that he is able to win one round early. This is his first full year commitment to this series and it is great to see him walk away with the title after just one season.”

Next Event: Round 10 – October 23, 2011 – Lucerne, CA

Factory FMF/KTM rider Charlie Mullins earned his third win of the season at the tenth round of the Grand National Cross Country Series held at Unadilla Raceway in New Berlin, NY, and more importantly, put his KTM back on top of the XC1 point standings.

Rain earlier in the week had caused major flooding on certain portions of the course which caused the track officials to shorten the loop to 9 miles. The course averaged 20 minute lap times which made GNCC history when riders completed nine laps in the 3-hour race marking the most laps ever completed at a GNCC event.

Mullins got off to a great start rounding the first turn in 2nd position. He was followed closely by his FMF/KTM teammates Kailub Russell and Cory Buttrick. Mullins was able to get around holeshot winner Paul Whibley and was then passed by Buttrick and Josh Strang. Shortly into the first lap, Buttrick and Strang came together when Strang went for a double jump and landed on Buttrick. Both riders went down. The crash ended Buttrick’s race as he was sent to the hospital with a concussion while Strang sat sidelined in the pits for three laps before his bike was repaired. The incident left Mullins and Russell up front to battle for the lead.

If you are a race fan, KTM and FMF have the perfect fan package for you. KTM and FMF have again partnered together with MX Sports Pro Racing to bring KTM Motocross fans the ultimate viewing experience – The “KTM/FMF Motocross Fan Experience”. The first of the three events was a huge success at the opening round at Hangtown and there are still tickets available for the remaining events, Unadilla and Steel City.

The KTM/FMF Motocross Fan Experience, which sold out at three venues last year, is a KTM exclusive trackside seating area and all-day VIP access offered to KTM fans and owners. The remaining event dates are the Unadilla event on August 13th and Steel City on September 3rd. Tickets are now available for purchase.

With each ticket purchase fans will receive:

–          Race day admission pass

–          All-day pit access pass

–          Catered lunch

–          Access to KTM exclusive trackside seating area with Live Timing Screens

–          Special Autograph Signing with KTM Factory Riders

–          Post-race Track Walk with Explanation of the various elements of the racetrack led by Red Bull/KTM Team Coordinator Casey Lytle

–          KTM/FMF event t-shirt

A package of this type typically runs for over a $200 value. KTM has partnered with MX Sports to subsidize the tickets for KTM fans and owners and will be offering tickets for only $85.00. If you are interested in tickets, please contact KTM at

See you at the races!

There is a lot of buzz about the 2012 KTM two-strokes and it’s not just the sound from the exhaust. The latest news making its way to the talk boards involves Factory FMF/KTM riders Cory Buttrick and Charlie Mullins who will be making the switch to the 250 XC two-stroke motorcycles for the remaining National Enduro rounds.

Three-time National Enduro Champion, Russell Bobbitt, has been a “two-stroker” throughout his career with KTM and has won all three of his championships aboard his 250 XC race machine. After witnessing his success and trying the new 2012 models, Buttrick and Mullins have decided to give it a whirl.

Now all three Factory FMF/KTM Team riders will line up for the next AMA National Enduro round on their two-stroke race bikes. Mullins, the reigning National Enduro Champion, commented, “I can’t wait to race on the new two-stroke. After racing a four-stroke for so long, you forget how much fun the two-strokes can be. I’ve been riding it the past few weeks and can’t believe how easy it is to ride in and out of the tight trees. I feel very confident on the new bike.”

It’s no wonder the entire team is switching to the two-strokes after KTM has continuously improved the model line over the past few years. For 2012, the two-stroke machines received an abundance of chassis upgrades including a new frame, a new one-piece cast aluminum swingarm and a linkage suspension system.

For more information on the new models, please visit

Millfield, OH – Factory FMF/KTM rider Kailub Russell earned his career best XC1 class finish at the John Penton GNCC when he crossed the finish line in 2nd position after a race long battle with Paul Whibley for the win.

This round marked the ninth round of the GNCC Series and is dubbed the “John Penton” after the man responsible for bringing KTM to the United States. Joining Penton in the crowd was a large group of KTM employees that had traveled from KTM’s east office for the race. All members of the KTM staff lined the fence as the race began and were thrilled to cheer on Russell as he battled for the overall win.

Russell got off to a great start rounding the first corner in 2nd place. He and early leader Paul Whibley remained close for the first lap with Russell eventually making a pass for the lead on the motocross track. The two riders would continue their battle throughout the 3-hour race switching the lead multiple times.

On the final lap, the riders were bar to bar as they entered the motocross track. Russell had a slight advantage as they made their way to the final few turns. He went wide in one section which left the door open for Whibley to put a wheel on him. Whibley was just able to edge out Russell and take the lead and the eventual win approximately 20 yards from the finish.

“It was devastating for me to lose in the final few feet of the race. I was running up front all day and I just couldn’t hang on those last few corners. As upset as I am in losing at the tail end of the race, I am happy to walk away from this race knowing I gave it my all and still pulling off my best finish this year,” remarked Russell after the race. “Now that I have run up front, I am excited for the final few rounds.”

Meanwhile, Russell’s XC1 teammates, Charlie Mullins and Cory Buttrick, were battling it out amongst each other. The two riders remained within a minute of the lead riders throughout the entire race. Mullins made a pass on Buttrick for 3rd place on lap two but lost the position a lap later after losing time in a mud section. The mistake cost Mullins two positions and he crossed the line in 5th place on lap three. He was able to catch back up to Buttrick on lap 4, where the two riders battled again for some time before Mullins made the pass stick. Mullins went on to finish the race in 4th place while Buttrick held on for 5th.

“We are very excited to see Russell near the top step of the podium and we are also happy for Mullins and Buttrick today. Mullins had a dead last start after stalling the bike and made his way quickly through the pack. He lost direction once through the mud but was able to recover some time lost there as well. Buttrick has been battling with some illnesses the past couple weeks and he is finally on his way to recovery. I think we will see him well within the top five at the remaining rounds as he continues to get over his illness,” remarked Factory FMF/KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

The XC2 class also had its share of KTM riders up front at the John Penton GNCC. KTM support rider Jesse Robinson finished 2nd overall at the event while series leader Steward Baylor finished 4th.

In the Women’s class, GNCC fans saw Maria Forsberg dominate another round of the series to increase her hold on the championship points. The 2nd place finisher this weekend was a new face to the series, Forsberg’s RPM/KTM teammate and current WORCS #1 plate holder, Kacy Martinez. In her first attempt at a GNCC race this season, Martinez put in a solid performance and finished on the podium behind Forsberg.

Millfield, OH (July 10, 2011) – Paul Whibley (right) used a dramatic last-second pass to claim an exciting win at the Wiseco John Penton GNCC, round nine of the 2011 Can-Am Grand National Cross Series in Millfield, Ohio.

The New Zealand off-road star put his Am Pro/FMF/Yamaha YZ450F into the lead at the start of the race, claiming the $ Holeshot Award in the process, and then proceeded to lead most of the three-hour contest. However, heading into the final hour, FMF/KTM’s Kailub Russell drew even with Whibley, as the two locked into a battle that would see them trade the lead several times over the next two laps.

Russell held the advantage heading into the motocross section for the final time, which made up last few hundred yards of the course. However, with two turns to go before the finish, Whibley made a spectacular pass over the final jump to steal the lead – and the win – away from Russell.

The win was Whibley’s third of the year and it helped to tighten up the three-way battle for the 2011 series title.