josh-frederick-stabilizer-auction-4-5-13Lodi, California – Precision Racing Products has put an eBay listing for a limited-edition, laser-signed by Josh Frederick, Pro Stabilizer with a lifetime warranty replacing the usual three-year warranty, including any mounting kit Precision makes.

Josh Frederick was in a paralyzing crash, and 100% of the auction proceeds will go to Josh Fredrick and his family to help pay for medical expenses resulting from his accident.

This just in from the “crazy off-road vehicles you never knew you wanted” department, we came across this eBay listing for a 1939 Cadillac LaSalle body with rear-suicide doors. Yep, this Caddi – which features a Dodge front engine, hood and grille – is listed for sale on eBay as we speak. The starting price is $3,500, though there is the option to make an offer. What is this beast worth to you?