DC-Crawler-Black-Raceline-8-30-13GARDEN GROVE, CA: American Made heavy duty cast wheel called the ‘DC Wheel’ has been specifically designed for off road vehicles that require large offsets, like a Ultra4 IFS car, Pro4 Short Course truck or a Land Rover as examples. It is the latest wheel design of many from Raceline Wheels.  “We designed this wheel for everyone that needs larger backspaces to fit the new IFS technology,” said Greg Mulkey, Raceline Offroad Division Director. “They are already a race proven design, and it was at the recent WE Rock event that they got coined the Dub Crawler for the17” bright polished look!”

The cast wheel is available in all the most popular bolt patterns. Backspaces available include 6 ½ to 7 ½. The valve stem is set inside the window so it can’t get knocked out while racing. The wheel can accommodate the traditional 32 bolt steel or aluminum bead lock outer rings. The bead lock supports the strength of the wheel allowing drivers the security of knowing that a flat tire will not be the end of their race day.  The wheel can also be used with an inner liner. This beadlock wheel is not DOT approved for highway use.