trust your friendWe’ve all probably had the idea of lying down and letting our friend jump over us with their truck, motorcycle or ATV but actually stepping up and doing it is quite another thing.  

truck JumpWhat would an off-road truck event be without an insane mega truck jump?  

atv jump 200
ATV film producer Wes Miller has captured some of the biggest and baddest ATV stunts of all time on film, and this incredible 200-foot ATV jump is one of the largest dirt to dirt jumps we’ve ever seen.

Larimure corrected
Jerry Larimore had nothing to prove but he certainly silenced any critics recently with this huge truck jump at the Jump Champs event held at Glen Helen Raceway.

Mega Truck Record
This mega truck, aptly named “Fueled by Haterz” recently set a new distance jump record of 150 feet at Dennis Anderson’s Muddy Motorsports Park.  Would you have the guts to go that big?  Here is the real-time video and a slow-motion version.

RJ Anderson Double Jump
Everyone in the UTV industry pretty much knows RJ Anderson is fearless, but driving a UTV requires a lot more skill than just hitting the gas peddle. Case in point: this perfectly executed RZR jump.  Jumping a double on any motorized vehicle leaves a small margin for error, and RJ airs it out like a pro and land perfectly on the down ramp. Check out his precision driving.

Suzuki Samurai
Suzuki Samurai owners are a dedicated bunch.  This little vehicle that could may have not been the most popular machine to ever roll off the assembly line, but it certainly struck a chord within the off-road world. If only we had a dollar for every time we heard a sentence that started with “Oh yeah, I used to have a Suzuki Samuria… ” Check out this sweet Samurai jump in the video below.

Offroad Mini Van Jump
Why on Earth would anyone try and jump a minivan? If you’ve got a spare one sitting around… we just have to guess they though “why not!” We are pretty impressed with how well it handled the impact, but we have no idea why someone would tackle an off-road minivan jump. Sick back and enjoy this wacky one.

Ford Raptor Truck Fail
We’ll never know what possesses a person to jump such a beautiful (and expensive) truck knowing that the outcome probably isn’t going to be good.  This Ford Raptor jump had almost no chance of turning out well.  I guess a big crowd and a shot at a few minutes of fame is enough for some people… check out the carnage below.

Jeep Jump
Like T Swift says, haters are gonna hate. But if you ever come across someone that says the only thing Jeeps are good for is rock crawling, show them this video to prove them that you can indeed jump a Jeep.  Will Heaton isn’t afraid to air out his Jeep Wrangler and we salute him for that.