Irvine, Calif. – Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Justin Soule dominated the Adelanto GP, taking the wire-to-wire win, and topping the all-green podium. Knowing the track would be dusty, and with the late afternoon-sun dropping toward the horizon, Soule made sure he got a good start and never looked back. Joining him on the podium were fellow Kawasaki riders Bobby Garrison and Robby Bell, who took second and third, respectively.

Monster Energy Kawasaki Under the Tent

It’s All About the Start
Soule knew the key to winning laid in the start of the race. With a setting sun and a silt-laden track, getting out front was paramount. He maneuvered into the lead coming around the second corner and continued to pull away from the field. With everyone behind him forced to navigate the illuminated dust clouds, he maintained a comfortable lead throughout the race.

RZR Mask offers a solution for filtering out dust and dirt particles during an off-road ride. Here is the company’s press release:

Did you know that something as common as inhaling dust, fumes or even just really cold air can be dangerous? “Your lungs are susceptible to airborne particles. Anything you breathe in has a direct pathway to inside your body,” cautions outdoor enthusiast and entrepreneur Steve Torbenson has been riding everything from mini-bikes to go-karts since he was a kid. “People assume cheap dust masks or wet bandannas trap most of the harmful particles, but they can’t do the job as effectively as a mask that uses a carbon-activated filter.”

If you were to meet Kid KJ – or Kaid Olsen-Weston, as his parents call him – his shy demeanor wouldn’t make you think he was the world’s youngest monster truck driver.

But the 7-year-old Kid KJ followed his father Tod Weston’s footsteps and started participating in motorsports at a young age. We spoke with Kaid and his father at the 2010 SEMA show, where they had his truck on display at Tod’s booth for Uncle Tod Motorsports. He owns and rides dirt bikes and ATVs, but since he was 6 years old he has also raced monster trucks – again, following in his father’s footsteps after Tod purchased the Gunslinger monster truck and now races under the name Black Knight.

AD Boivin manufacturers some interesting conversion kits for dirt bikes. We came across a video for the Explorer kit, which essentially replaces the tires with a ski up front and snowmobile-like tracks in back to make them snow-ready (or the tracks can be installed in back while retaining the front wheel to ride on sand).

AD Boivin says the kits are available for a number of dirt bikes (the site says 250F models and up). AD Boivin also offers snowmobile conversions and suspension kits, offering the Snow Hawk conversion for snowmobiles that replaces front skis with one main ski.