Alumi Craft Race Cars is known for its attention to detail and cutting-edge designs that result in beautifully constructed cars. Now they have a new website, designed by Bink Designs, that mirrors those same qualities. Bink Designs gave Alumi Craft a high-end web solution that captures its brand essence with unique impact. The site is adorned in colorful graphics in those familiar Alumi Craft colors and is loaded with information about the many products and services that Alumi Craft provides.

You can shop for a new or used vehicle, check the race schedule, get breaking race results and off-road news or just enjoy the videos or stunning photos in the photo gallery.

Alumi Craft builds cars for short-course racing, desert racing, pre-running and recreation, so there is always something going on at Be sure to check out the newly designed site.

About Alumi Craft Race Cars
For those who demand the best, Alumi Craft delivers. Since 2004, Alumi Craft racers have earned countless wins and twelve points championships; four in short course and eight in the desert. Rob MacCachren, Chuck Cheek, Cameron Steele, Luke McMillin, CJ Greaves, Matt Cullen, Darren Hardesty, Darryl Smith, Gunnar Peterson and owner John Cooley have all won championships behind the wheel of an Alumi Craft race car.