Bower Power Hour has found that in the off-road industry large corporate companies can be just as responsive as the smaller companies, but maybe with a twist. In other industries, large corporations have many restrictive processes that makes the time line for product development much longer than a smaller business. In the off-road industry large companies, like Dana Spicer, are able to follow the path from R&D to QA and final production in the same amount of time that a smaller company, like Total Chaos Fab, can. This helps to keep the business side of the off-road industry diverse and growing.

Tierra-Del-Sol-Event-1-24-13MESA, ARIZONA: As the weather starts to warm up here in Arizona, spring is on everyone’s mind and with it the promises of a new wheeling season. This week Bower Power Hour gets an inside look at two, up-coming, spring wheeling weekends. From the TDS Desert Safari to the Desert Bloom Rally, this spring is full of awesome events all across the country.

: Bower Power Hour has a new approach for releases with the start of Season 4. Starting this season Bower Power Hour will be releasing one new 1-hour episode every Tuesday and a fun and exciting Bower Media Video on Thursdays. Guest interviews will continue to be jam-packed with information and follow the same format that was introduced in Season 2.