BJ-Baldwin-HDRA-4-4-13Las Vegas, NV – The HDRA series heads to Ridgecrest, California April 5-7 for the King Shocks 250. This will be the first time some of the HDRA regulars, like BJ Baldwin, will have a chance to take on the sandy washes and boulder strewn landscape that Ridgecrest is known for.

“Pre-race testing of our Monster Energy Toyo Tires Rigid Industries Trophy Truck went very well,” said BJ, “I’m anxious to see what this course has to offer. Anytime we go to a new course, it puts everyone on equal footing. There are no secret lines, no home court advantage. Each team will have to learn the fastest way around.”

Different race courses have different challenges. San Felipe is known for miles and miles of brutal whoops. The old Mint 400 course is rough and rocky. The Best in the Desert, Silver State 300 course is mostly flat but that does not mean it’s easy. The long straight stretches of flat terrain have their own set of challenges. Most of the course is wide-open, high speed running with tight technical sections and deep silt beds mixed in. You need plenty of damping control but precise handling is also critical. The course is narrow and when the corners come up, you can’t afford to lose time slowing way down to get around them.

During the Silver State race, BJ Baldwin was racing at the front with Robby Gordon and Rob Mac. After over five hours of flat-out racing he was able to take the overall victory by a mere 14 seconds. When the racing is that tight, you need to be confident in the handling of your vehicle. “We spent time fine-tuning our King shocks in San Felipe to the point where the truck isn’t just super fast, it’s comfortable to drive” said BJ, ” The truck is now better than it has ever been. I can run wide open with total confidence.”