On a bitter cold December day that barely got out of the twenties, mixed in with blustery winds, rain, sleet, snow, and a little sunshine, the Henderson 250 featured super hot racing for KC Dirt Tribe athletes.

KC-HiLites-Dirt-Tribe-12-30-13The Henderson 250 was the final event on the 2013 Best In The Desert calendar and things really started heating up at the Time Trials on Thursday before the race. KC Dirt Triber Rob MacCachren needed to have a great starting position and an even better race to have even a remote shot at the Trick Truck Championship. On the other hand, fellow Dirt Tribe athlete Jason Voss needed to just finish the race to cap off his incredible year with the Championship. But Jason didn’t hold anything back at qualifying as he grabbed the second starting spot by edging out Rob’s time by a scant .163 of a second. That set the stage for the race with the two drivers starting side-by-side on the second row.

When the flag dropped, MacCachren got the hole-shot on Voss off the line and immediately set his sites on the pole sitter. Near the beginning of lap three, Rob finally chased down and passed the race leader. Once he was out front, he continued his blistering pace, trying to put as many positions as possible between himself and Jason Voss. At the end, MacCachren came in first overall, beating out the second place finisher by just under 40 seconds. Jason Voss managed to come in fifth overall, fourth in class. His finish was good enough to seal up the 2013 Trick Truck Championship. In fact, KC Dirt Tribe athletes took the top three spots in the final Trick Truck standings with Rob MacCachren coming in second and Steve Olliges third.

Jean, NV
– Chip Prescott’s victory at the Best in the Desert, Henderson 250 clinched the rookie of the year title for the Alumi Craft racer. Chip took three wins in the six race season finishing first at the Mint 400, Silver State 300 and the season finale in Henderson. He also took a second place podium at what many think was the toughest race in years, Vegas to Reno.

At the finish line after the Henderson 250, Chip was ecstatic when asked about the race. “It’s been fantastic; a bit rough though. We had an unscheduled stop in the pits. I got a flat tire that wrapped around the brake caliper. The crew told me they couldn’t get it off. I said you gotta get it off! It was a rough day but we made up the time.” Chip started 10th out of 11 cars. He charged through the field and made up all the time spent in the pits with the flat tire to take the win.

BITD-12-16-11The last race on the Best In The Desert’s 2013 calendar is turning out to be a real challenge amongst competitors, with so many season class championships riding on it. Multiple car and truck class championships will be decided at the end of the day when the dust settles on this last race of the season. The Henderson “250” is also a “double points” race, so anything can happen in the final points shuffle.

The race course is in compliance and meets all of the environmental concerns by the BLM.  We work very hard at Best In The Desert to comply with the rules and regulations and we appreciate our racers doing the same; we all must protect our environment and respect the rules.

A number of Trick Truck drivers still have a shot at taking the season championship crown. Coming into this race, Jason Voss holds a 47 point lead over Steve Olliges, with Scott Whipple hanging just 23 points behind Olliges. Not far back and ready to challenge should something happen to the top three, are Troy Vest, Rob MacCachren, Gary Weyhrich, Steve Strobel and TJ Flores. It comes down to whichever driver and team that can put together the perfect race for the win, probably goes home with the championship.

Team-KC-Hilites-BITD-10-25-13The KC Hilites/Glass Chiropractic Racing Team recently competed in the BITD Parker Desert Challenge.  This round of racing was hyped as the biggest of the year, since Team Ford Las Vegas/Steve Olliges and Kartek stepped up big time to provide the biggest payout of the year.  We headed to this round with a plan to pad the points lead, and take home the loot if possible.

This race had an unusual format, with two days of racing over a very short (turned brutally rough) course.

Day one found us starting in the 20th [side by side] row after a less than stellar qualifying run. Crew member Josh Budka navigated.  We got a good start and headed out first.  It was clear our suspension was near spot on as we hammered our machine to the limit and picked off other racers.  The closer to the front, the higher the pace.  There were dead racecars everywhere.  We hammered on and finished the day 2nd on the road, and in class less than 2 minutes out of first.

BITD-12-16-11October, 2013 – The Blue Water Desert Challenge  is not on Federal Land, it is all on CRIT ~ Colorado River Indian Tribe Land so the government issues in D.C. will NOT impact this race !

The Blue Water Desert Challenge, will go on as scheduled in Parker, AZ, October 12-14, and is hosted by the Blue Water Resort & Casino. This is the fifth event in the six-race 2012 Best In The Desert “American Off-Road Racing Series”. Unlike all of the other Best In The Desert long distance races that are either a long loop race, or a point to point course, as is the Parker “425” or the recent General Tire “Vegas to Reno” courses, the Blue Water Desert Challenge is a 2-day multi-race format that features Best In The Desert’s Car, Truck and UTV classes running both days for combined results to determine the winners.

BITD-12-16-11The Blue Water Desert Challenge in Parker, AZ, October 11-13, hosted by the Blue Water Resort & Casino, is the fifth event in the six-race 2013 Best In The Desert “American Off-Road Racing Series”. Unlike all of the other Best In The Desert long distance races that are either a long loop race, or a point to point course, as is the Parker “425” or the recent General Tire “Vegas to Reno” courses, the Blue Water Desert Challenge is a 2-day multi-race format that features Best In The Desert’s Car, Truck and UTV classes running both days for combined results to determine the winners.

Who’s signed up so far? Only the world’s best! Entries now include Class 1400 Trick Truck: Steve Sourapas, Jim Beaver, Shawn Wanzek, Steve Olliges, Jonathan & John Swift, Shawn Croll, Kyle & Curt LeDuc, Ken Losch, Jaaon Voss, Todd & Kyle Jurgensen, Troy Vest, James Horvath, Adam Lunn, Tracy Graf, Rob MacCachren, Dale Dondel, TJ Flores, Kevin Curtis, Steve Strobel, Scott Whipple, Gary Weyhrich. In class 1500: Chuck Hovey, Glen Towers, CJ Hutchins, Greg Foster, John Martensen, Luke Horschel, Victor Gruber, Sam Berri, Ray Griffith, Tim Hunt, Ben Napier, Levi Rockhill, Shelby Reid, Harley Letner, Garrick Freitas, Tom Wood, Pat Dean, Justin Lofton, Jon Walker…and the list goes on and on!!

Hutchins-Albins-Vegas-to-Reno-8-27-13Reno, Nevada — It was a punishing 550 miles for all the drivers in the longest race in the United States. More than 250 teams battled the brutal desert terrain in this year’s BITD General Tire Vegas to Reno race. Justin Lofton and Harley Letner led the Class 1500 pack for most of the day, but in the end, it was CJ Hutchins who pulled off the win. CJ’s car, which features an Albins AGB, crossed the finish line in 9:34:58 to place fourth overall and take the top spot in Class 1500. John Walker, also running an Albins AGB, took 2nd in Class 1500.

Banning Motorsports continued their winning ways in Class 1100, claiming their third BITD win this season. Brian Folks drove Banning car 1178, that features a Mendeola MD5, to first place in Class 1100.

Mongo-Racing-Off-Road-8-22-13Randy Merritt and Tracy Rubio won the 2013 Best In The Desert Racing Association’s Vegas to Reno billed as the “Longest Off-Road Race in the United States.”  What makes this even more remarkable is this is their 3rd consecutive class win at this event in 2 different classes. Randy and Tracy teamed up in 2011 for this event in Randy’s 2011 Class 8100 ECO Boost powered F-150 built by Tracy Rubio at TNC Fab in Kingman, Arizona and then they returned in 2012 in Randy’s new Class 7200 Unlimited also built by Tracy Rubio at TNC Machine and they drove it to their 1st Class win.

Randy was looking forward to the 2013 Vegas to Reno with anticipation, knowing that most of his team was unchanged and the truck was ready. Since the 2012 BITD Vegas to Reno, Randy has only missed finishing in the top 2 in class twice.

BITD Silver State 300Fort Mill, SC – August 20, 2013 – It’s the longest off-road race in the United States.  The General Tire Vegas to Reno race, put on by Best In The Desert (BITD), is not for the faint of heart.  For nearly 550 miles, teams navigated the harsh terrain of the Nevada desert from Las Vegas to Reno and more than 95 teams attempted to claim victory.  It was CJ Hutchins who took the top spot for Team GT finishing first in Class 1500 and fourth overall completing the race in 9:34:58.  The win marked Hutchins best finish in the famed race.

“Congratulations to CJ and his entire team on their 1500 win and fourth-place finish overall at Vegas to Reno,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire.  “To have four wins with CJ (Hutchins), Steve (Alexander), Banning and Randy (Merritt) – who has now won three times in a row at Vegas to Reno – all on red letter GRABBER’s is amazing.  Vegas to Reno is a demanding 550 miles and I’m proud of each and every one of our teams for finishing.”

Steve-Olliges-BITD-Vegas-to-Reno-8-19-13Las Vegas, NV – After qualifying eleventh at the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno offroad race the BFGoodrich Tires / Team Ford #27 Trick Truck finished fifth in the Trick Truck class. The team’s solid top five finish puts them in second place in the season long Trick Truck points championship heading down the stretch. To be championship contenders with a new truck and a small dedicated team speaks volumes for the crew and everyone who supports them.

“Our team is awesome,” says Steve Olliges, “I just can’t say enough about the entire crew, I’m really proud of the team 27 guys, they did great out there. We ran the FOX shocks John Marking set up for the race right out of the box and they were perfect, just fantastic. Our BFG Baja TA’s and TrailReady Beadlocks took everything we dished out and Mastercraft Safety  supplied us with their new ratcheting seatbelts that allowed me to really put myself firmly in the seats. According to the GPS we got up to 130 mph in several places and they really put me in that comfort zone.”