Colorado Springs
– We have had several class wins in the Baja but the race is not something you ever really conquer. No matter how many times I race there, it never fails to drop my jaw. It has little to do with a typical American desert race, it is the Baja 1000. The only thing you can prepare for is for everything to go awry. At times the race is peaceful, other times intense with screaming crowds, often terrifying with unseen hazards hiding in a sinister haze.

I had the privilege of driving the start of the race this year for the BFGoodrich Tires BC-1 car. The start definitely falls in the “intense” category and I loved every minute of it. The excitement and hazard of the fans lining the course has no equivalent. Fans try to touch the car as it goes by and dumbest of all – even lie in the road on the far side of jumps. While a wild ride, we made it through with nothing but positive experiences and put 35 miles on the 2nd place car in the first 308 miles.

– The 47th running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 marks the longest desert race of the season and the opportunity for BFGoodrich Tires to extend its legacy in the Baja peninsula. As BFGoodrich Tires runs for its 26th overall SCORE Baja 1000 victory, the tire manufacturer looks to continue its 2014 dominance in desert racing, having the top overall finisher at every stop on the SCORE International desert race schedule.

BFGoodrich-Logo-2-19-13GREENVILLE, S.C. – Demonstrating extreme toughness and durability, BFGoodrich Tires dominated the 27th Annual Mastercraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 capturing a podium sweep and bringing in the top 11 finishers in the featured Trophy Truck class as well as the top three Class 1 vehicles in Mexico.

In total BFGoodrich Tires had 19 of the top 20 finishers and took titles in 11 of the 12 Pro four-wheel classes.

Tavo Vildosola and his father Gustavo captured the victory in their Red Bull Ford Raptor.  The team from just two hours north in Mexicali captured the win in a time of 4 hours and 13 minutes and cruised with an average speed of nearly 60 mph. The win marks the 21st consecutive and 23rd overall San Felipe 250 victory for BFGoodrich Tires and 77th overall win in Baja. All teams running BFGoodrich Tires used the Baja T/A KR.