Thumb-AGM-Uni-Ball-Tool-Kit-4-23-13All German Motorsport’s Uni-ball tool’s compact size and easy operation allows you to replace a Uni-ball without ever having to remove the suspension components from the vehicle. And its high-strength steel construction will give you the reliability to perform the repair over and over again.

So whether it’s in your Shop or alongside the race course, AGM’s uni-ball tool is perfect portable solution to Uni-ball exchange.

When we last updated, the All German Motorsports team was hundreds of miles into the race. The #105 Class 1 was running in the top five in class, and the Trophy Truck had worked its way near the top 10 in class. Everything was going well leading to the driver’s change at San Ignacio at race mile 615 (of 1121). That’s when Baja struck.

In Trophy Truck, Armin Schwarz had moved into the 11th spot (physically, without corrected time being calculated) after starting 31st and having at least one flat tire after hitting a large rock very near the start of the race. At about race mile 580, roughly 35 miles from the driver’s change where Martin Christensen would jump in, the truck began to lose oil pressure.

After roughly eight hours of racing, the lead Trophy Trucks are at about race mile 500. BJ Baldwin is currently in the lead, with Bryce Menzies, Gustavo Vildosola, Rob MacCachren and Dan McMillin trailing him, respectively.

The AGM Trophy Truck team is about 40 miles off the pace as physically the 11th Trophy Truck – a pretty good start considering we were told they had two flats at the start of the race and came off the line 31st.  We’re waiting at San Ignacio at race mile 615, as Martin Christensen will take over for Armin Schwarz in the #15 TT and race the final 500-or-so miles to the finish.

Race day is here. All the preparation has come down to this. SCORE officials said there are 301 official entries for the 45th running of the SCORE Baja 1000. The dirt bikes and ATVs left the line this morning at 6:30 a.m., and Trophy Truck and four-wheeled vehicles started leaving at 11:30 a.m. to rainy conditions in Ensenada.

Our caravan of All German Motorsports chase trucks rolled into Rice and Beans in San Ignacio at roughly race mile 615. AGM will be doing the driver change for the Trophy Truck at this location, as Armin Schwarz will get out and Martin Christensen will get in and ride to the finish. This also is the location of BFGoodrich’s fifth pit stop.