American vehicle sales slumped in July, falling for a fifth consecutive month and failing to reach the magical ten million mark as it did this time last year. However, alert readers would be wise to recall that last year’s sales numbers were higher than at any point in the last twenty years.


Jeep has been caught running the Wrangler Trailcat Concept around on public roads recently, and although we don’t know why, it could mean something big is coming to the new Wrangler. 

HuckfestWhen the Huckfest crowd rolls into Pismo, California, you know things are going to get wild!



Namibia and Utah, two places separated by a distance of fifteen thousand kilometers, got a little bit closer when Land Rover announced two unique travel experiences for people wanting to test the new Discovery. 


The sale price all goes to the Experimental Aircraft Association Gathering of Eagles.

Creek CrossingWho do you think had the pleasure of going first?



Look, whether you’re a Jeep fanatic or Land Rover fan, one thing we can all agree on is that space inside our off-road rigs is sometimes at a premium. By the time you load up a bug-out bag, recovery tools, and the all-important snacks, leftover free space is scarcer than water in a desert.

fummins truckIt’s true that you see all sorts of crazy vehicle’s set up for rock crawling but it’s not too often that you’ll find an old flatbed Ford pickup out on the trails mixing it up with Jeeps and other more “standard” crawlers.

bombing canyonsThis guy is on the gas in his Maverick X3!


Our trusted shutterbug has captured new photos of the upcoming Jeep Wrangler once again, offering a look at a new set of taillights along with clues to the composition of the Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited’s soft top.