Vertical ClimbSand Hollow State Park is an off-roaders paradise and this is precisely why.

HIlls and treesAs if the hill wasn’t challenging enough!

RZR RVApparently, this guy has climbed everything there is to climb.

Pucker FactorThis guy’s not riding on the edge, he’s crossing over it and still manages to ride it out.

Sports Car offroadSomething tells us his parents won’t be letting him borrow the car anytime soon after this guy took his NA Miata rock crawling.
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slick rockThese Jeeps walk right up this rock face like it’s nothing.

upside downRock bouncing is one of the most brutal forms of off-road racing on the planet.

High centeredYou just never know when you’ll get hit with that sudden urge to go off-roading. 

Apparently for this guy it hit him during his morning commute and he just couldn’t contain himself. He probably should let his boss know he’ll be late.

fummins truckIt’s true that you see all sorts of crazy vehicle’s set up for rock crawling but it’s not too often that you’ll find an old flatbed Ford pickup out on the trails mixing it up with Jeeps and other more “standard” crawlers.

Buddy system

Teamwork can be key when trying to make it through tough situations, and these off-roaders totally understand that.